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"The UK will help jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria to recover if they have "good intentions" about stopping others joining the conflict, the Conservative leader of the Commons, has said.

In a change of tone, William Hague said that some will "just need help because they will have been through an extremely traumatic period" while fighting overseas." (The Guardian, 2 November 2014)

This is the UK government's latest proposal to provide emotional support to murdering, beheading, raping, child slaying, baby roasting, torturing, crucifying Islamic Jihadist if they return to the UK with 'good intentions'.

This is unbelievable!!!

What about justice, Mr Hague, for all those innocent people mercilessly slayed by the Islamic Jihadist?

You say, the jihadists need to be 'helped' because they have had a traumatic time.

What about those poor people they have beheaded, sliced up, mauled, and burned?

What about the tiny children they have hacked in half? Or the women raped and killed?

What would you say Mr Hague, if these Jihadist burst into your home, raped your wife Ffion, stripped her naked and then slit her throat in front of you so that you can hear her gurgling to death. This is what Islamic Jihadist, proudly declare to the world that they do. Would so called Jihadi John be given counselling? What fairyland of political correctness are you now living in?  Years ago you were a rational man.

No – these jihadists must be given the death sentence. The question of being stateless is not relevant. They are war criminals and should be put to death. 

Naievity is not mitigation, for mass murder, as a Muslim father would like to excuse his three sons - justice still has to prevail.

Otherwise the simple message is – go ahead and murder anyone you wish. Then ask us (the state) to help you to 'adjust'.

Every murderer in town will settle for such an easy option without penalty for doing the most foul things on earth!!!