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I heard on BBC Radio Two news this morning  (19 January 2015) that the government asked Muslims "What contribution Islam makes to Britain?" (BBC News, 19 January 2015)

Of course, Muslims bit back harder. The Muslim Council of Britain was, predictably, upset by the demand.

So, a minister apologised because he did not wish to upset those of a 'noble religion'!

Government, then, fell at the very first hurdle, and we can see which way it will go. The 'Council' set up its own parallel government, ready to make Britain a Sharia state under Islam... and it won't take long, given recent moves.

Let Christians ask the question... "Why do you still live here, when most of you hate Britain and biblical values?" There is nothing 'noble' about Islam. How can its violence, murders and mayhem possibly be called 'noble'? How can its mish-mash of borrowed texts and psychopathic teachings be 'noble'? How can its hard-liners, terrorists and supporters, be 'noble'? What has Islam to do with British values? Nothing!

Government now has the opportunity (as it has done for years!) to make demands of Muslims – put up or shut up! Get into a legal line or get out of Britain. Simple.

But it won't do that – it is getting something out of Islam we know nothing about.

Nothing new, for MPs get rich quick at our expense anyway. Note that government does not include Christians in any queries or demands.

The only demand we get is court action against those who speak out against homosexuality!!! NOW is the time to push Muslims to respond to a real and necessary demand to wash itself clean of terror and support for evil.