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1 God's Law Demands the Death Penalty for Murder K B Napier
2 Islam and Blasphemy Laws K B Napier
3 Plain speaking on Islam and Homosexuality is a Christian Duty K B Napier
4 Hate Islam? K B Napier
5 Time to Call the Shots with FGM! (Female Genital Mutilation) K B Napier
6 Mosques/teaching venues Teach Extremism – some examples as proof K B Napier
7 The Lord's Prayer does not need amending K B Napier
8 Christians must not befriend Muslims or to see ‘moderates’ as different K B Napier
9 Pope lies about Jesus Christ's teaching and calls for an open doors migrant policy K B Napier
10 Islam:- History Repeating Itself... Part 2 K B Napier
11 Islam:- History Repeating Itself... K B Napier
12 Anglicans need to condemn homosexuality outright K B Napier
13 Standing With Israel K B Napier
14 Muslims Lie About Lying K B Napier
15 This time – Brussels K B Napier
16 Islamism arises from Islam K B Napier
17 Can we trust any Muslim? K B Napier
18 Examine Pro-Islamic Rhetoric - it's based on a fantasy K B Napier
19 Yes, restrain those who fight with ISIS K B Napier
20 Islamic Murders K B Napier
21 Can We Deliberately Befriend Muslims or Believe Moderates Are Okay? K B Napier
22 If your child becomes a Muslim idolator K B Napier
23 What is my personal 'take' on Islam? A brief summary K B Napier
24 Welby, Friend of Sin and Wicked People K B Napier
25 Muslims Throw Gays to Their Deaths K B Napier
26 Islam is not a religion of peace Mr Cameron Tim Cripps
27 Manipulated democracy at its finest Don Hanks
28 My Assessment of Islamic Atrocities K B Napier
29 Muslims Against Sharia K B Napier
30 Hinduism – the Cause of India's Poverty K B Napier
31 The correct way to deal with the sin of homosexuality in the Church K B Napier
32 Kenneth Copeland advances unity with Rome. K B Napier
33 Islamic... or Muslim? K B Napier
34 Anglican Bishops – God's Enemies K B Napier
35 Archbishops say homosexual people are children of God. K B Napier
36 Justin Welby the Wolf in Archbishop's Clothing J. B. Waddell
37 Anglican leaders double talk the legitimacy of Gay Bishops K B Napier
38 Homosexuals change the truth for a lie
39 If is retrograde to deny women bishopricks - bring it on! K B Napier
40 The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved K B Napier
42 Anglican bishops declare religious nonsense K B Napier
43 How to Scandalise Our Good Name K B Napier
44 Why Youth Are Leaving the Churches K B Napier
45 Jousting Theology - the concealment of heresy and sin K B Napier
46 Wolves in sheep's clothing - Letter to The Times J. B. Waddell
47 Noah's Ark found in 1980? Information suppressed for ideological reasons. K B Napier
48 New Bible Yanks 'Father', Jesus as 'Son of God' BTM
49 Facts About Faith and Church K B Napier
50 Jeremiah Cry in Swansea 10 May 2011 J. B. Waddell
51 Christian Public Street Preachers in major cities across the UK during May 2011 J. B. Waddell
52 ‘New Age’ in the Church - the spirit that seduced the Israelites Peter Walker
53 The Laodicea Church discovered in western Turkey J. B. Waddell
54 Darlene Zschech follows emotions not scripture in accepting pastorate K B Napier
55 Muslim primary schools students tear up New Testaments in Malawi K B Napier
56 The Papal Visit Report:- Witnessing for "truth" in Edinburgh & Glasgow Donald J Morrison
57 The ‘Church’ of Scientology:- A brief assessment K B Napier
58 US Survey indicates widespread ignorance of their religion amongst religious people K B Napier
59 Lutheran Church in America accept three lesbians as pastors K B Napier
60 Prayer is needed for the protest and witnessing during the Pope’s UK visit September 2010 Administrator
61 Comments on the Anglican Communion News Service 10 September 2010 K B Napier
62 Bible Theology Ministries does NOT agree with Koran burning Barry Napier
63 ‘Koran-burning is making a stand against the doctrine of the Koran’ Administrator