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LGBT's are not a community

In the report (ACNS, 31 January 2014) Anglican bishops call homosexuals a "LGBT community".. as though they were part of legitimate society.

Well, they are not!

There is no such thing as the "LGBT community". They insist on being called a 'community' so that they can merge with other, legitimate, communities!

Homosexuals are just disparate people with the same wicked desire for perverted sex. No community – just people who share a foul sin!

Would you refer to groups of thieves as a 'community'? Or, people with typhoid? Of course not! Do not legitimise and normalise what is clearly condemned by God in His word. homosexuals, in God's eyes, are 'out in the cold'. Like all sinners who blatantly defile mankind and destroy what God has created, they are condemned by Almighty God.


The bishops have no warrant from God to pray for homosexuals who are unrepentant – and God will not listen to such prayers anyway!

Note how they speak of homosexuals who are "confused about their sexuality". Nonsense! Everyone who turns to homosexuality KNOWS he or she is committing an horrendous act. There is no confusion... only a well-deserved guilt. Thus there should be NO safe place for them in the churches... God condemns them if they do not repent and change their behaviour. And, I note with a smile, that what they propose is to be made illegal in the UK – to heal or to counsel them away from their sin! (See Geraint Davies MP, bill propsal).

Homosexuals should not have respect

Another bishop says that homosexuals have the same "rights" as anyone else. No, they do not. Especially not in the Church. He also says they must have "respect". We can certainly respect the fact that they are created by God... but they stand condemned for distorting what was created – heterosexual beings given the gift of true love and true sexual activity within male-female marriage.

And another Anglican speaks of these perverse folks as "oppressed"! What an evil view to hold, when homosexuals around the world are oppressing and attacking Christians in every country, and bringing in foul laws that only give THEM freedom to at and speak! There is no 'dignity' in homosexuality, only wickedness and destruction of God's laws. And to equalise homosexuality with, say, race, is ignorant fact and notion. Race is inborn, homosexuality is an evil choice!

And far, far worse, is the declaration that homosexuals are "created" to be so. This is utter blasphemy! They CHOOSE to be 'that way'.

We urge all Anglicans to reject this obvious, open revolt against God and His word. Indeed, Anglicans with conscience should leave.

We repeat what God says – any sinner who repents and is saved, belongs to God's Church and will enter Heaven.

Homosexuals who immediately stop their activity and repent, and are saved, are safe and will have all the help needed.

But, those who do not, stand condemned by God and His word, and have no place within the churches.

Those who are already within, must be warned and rebuked. If they do not listen, they must be cast out of fellowship and shunned.

Now THAT is what God says about sinners who do not repent!