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"For the past 14 years, when the Church of England and the Church in Wales have been looking to fill the post of bishop, one candidate has come up time and time again who people think fits this bill: Jeffrey John (a homosexual). Yet, over and over again, he has been rebuffed." (Religion News Service, 18 April 2017)

The case is VERY clear – God denounces homosexuality in the strongest of terms. He says what they do is an abomination, and worthy only of hell. There is nothing to add or take away.

It is about time Anglicans stopped pussy-footing around the issue... John is a pervert unworthy to be a pastor let alone a bishop (though the Anglican version is corrupt anyway).

All Anglicans need to do is be biblical – condemn homosexuality outright and proclaim that any who transgress are not accepted as pastors, or kicked out if they admit to such a sin. (Note: pastor and bishop are the same office in scripture).