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A tick is placed in a box against the disagree option"I have been asked for my personal view on the proposed Koran-burning by an American church pastor. So, here it is...

I do not agree with his idea. Simple as that.

However, I can fully understand his reasons, which were greatly influenced by Obama's pro-Islamic stance and his growing rejection of Christian faith, and by the hateful and violent stance taken by Islam towards those who reject their religion.

Really, there is no difference in reaction to opposition from both homosexual activism and Islam. Both are Marxist-Fascist in structure and operations, and both use violence and hatred.

I cannot agree with those who say we should never oppose evil, but should only preach the Gospel. There are times when we must speak out against evil and against false religions. But, I would not agree to burning Korans. Not because I have respect for the Koran or for Islam - which I do not, but because it is not an action we should contemplate. It is provocative, rather than useful.

Dr Ian Paisley has often been accused of 'hating' Roman Catholics. But few know that some of the most frequent visitors to his own home were... Roman Catholics. We must be in the world but not of it. We may consort with those who unfortunately follow a false religion, but may not imbibe their ideas, or count them as our closest friends. This is the basic teaching of Paul.

I have known many Muslims, but would not have been so close if they had openly expressed hatred for me or for my God. Even so I would not even dream of acting violently towards them.

Most Muslims are 'moderate'... but it is fact that Islam is now ruled by terroristic types. The West must recognise this and respond accordingly. To give in to Islamic threats of violence and death is the very way we will encourage our own demise. Who do Muslims think they are? They have no right whatever to threaten or kill Christians, for any reason!

Christians MUST stand up and be counted. Despite the thinking of some, that we should only act spiritually, this is not borne out in scripture. However, our actions should be peaceful and truthful. We must oppose by speaking out and teaching the truth, which goes alongside preaching the Gospel.

The idea that we should give in to Islam, when it wishes to force Sharia law upon us all, is an abomination. I do not hate any Muslim, but Islam is hated by God, for it counters His word and plan. Therefore, we should not appease Islam. There was a time in many countries when Muslims and Christians lived alongside each other. It is extremists who now reject this peace, by burning Christian homes, killing Christians, and generally hating and acting against Christians. Christians do not do this in return.

Therefore, the current spate of shock, and even anger, shown towards the Florida pastor is, at the very least, hypocritical and misplaced. Okay, the pastor has made a mistake... but I can easily see why. I do not accept his plan, but I do understand his reasons.

The whole incident has proved beyond doubt that the USA is kow-towing to Islam, without valid reason. If Muslims use the proposed (non) incident to attack Christians or any country, then they must be brought to book, not given fair words! Even if the man did burn Korans, Muslims have no right to kill or attack Christians, or western countries.

The situation is simple - Muslims must accept that others do not want their rigid and Fascist form of religion. It is not up to them to force their religion down our throats, just as no Christian should force his faith on anyone else. When Islam uses violence to enforce its religion, it acts outside the law and the law must act against them. Otherwise we head back in time to when Mohammed enslaved many nations under Islam, or be killed!

Condemn the Florida pastor? No, I cannot. I believe he made a mistake, just as we all make mistakes at times, but at least he has brought the issue to the fore, whereas Obama has hidden his pro-Islam agenda from the public.

Rather, let us strive to live as believers, insist on freedom of speech, and continue to preach the Gospel - which includes speaking out against publicly-stated false religions."

Barry Napier

10 September 2010

© September 2010

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