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I have no doubt that some readers will oppose my comments on Islam and Muslims.

I am never scared of opposition... but I do question the understanding of those who say they have Muslim friends or that there can be 'moderate' Muslims. These will be the very Christians who are in for a huge shock in coming days, or, their attitude will continue to cause anger in the God they say they believe in.

Christians – YOU are targets for Islamic violence, wherever you are! Remember that.

Moderate Muslims are those whose theology undermines the Koran, which tells them to kill Jews and Christians. They are like the many 'Christians' who are, say, staunch Methodists or Anglicans, holding to weak or warped scriptural beliefs. The moderates are just like them – ineffective religionists who don't follow their own 'holy' book.

As I have said before, I am grateful to God that these people are so weak. I have no problem being friendly with such moderates – but I will not befriend them. There is only ONE exception to this – we tell them of the Gospel and the wickedness of their religion!


Note that around the world it is 'moderates' who suddenly kill, maim, burn and act violently against Christians. This is triggered by groups like ISIS, etc. In the UK we have many 'moderates', some of whom have spoken against the Paris killings. (But, 50% of those surveyed say they approve of ISIS!!).

Even so, it is permissible in Islam to lie if it gives final success to Islam! Remember that.

And even if these people mean what they say, it is not THEIR attitude that should scare you – but that of treacherous violent terrorists. Once these intimidate fellow Muslims with death or some other violent acts, moderates will obey. Even last week UK Imams boasted they would make Britain into a caliphate, with sharia law, once they gain control via the birth rate amongst Muslims. Some have maintained their violent stance. Moderates WILL join them when they take over!

Just as they do in other parts of the world. They have seen what happens to those in Syria etc., who refuse to be as violent as ISIS – they are killed without thought.

So, don't rely on moderates staying moderates! Killing Christians is Koranic.

But, what of going out of our way to befriend Muslims? The facts in scripture are very clear. Islam is an unholy and godless religion. The first thing God commanded the Israelites to do when they entered Canaan was to obliterate the cultic inhabitants.

Why? Because there is only ONE Lord, and that is the God of the Bible. Those nations to be killed off were a direct insult to God, and a danger to the Israelites, because they did unspeakable things. Anyone who worshipped false gods were always given the death penalty if found out, or cast out of Israel.

This anger against false religionists carries forward to today. God hates them with Holy anger, just as He hates ardent homosexuals. All will enter hell. Therefore, to befriend those who anger God is to reject God and His holiness and to be as one with them. Do you think God befriends Muslims for being Islamic? NO!!

He is Almighty God, the one and only God... Muslims prefer the moon god, who, even in ancient Islam, was a minor god in a large pantheon of gods. The religion was started by a grossly wicked man who perverted the Old and New Testaments to create his own version of 'truth'. Do you REALLY think God wishes his people to befriend Muslims? No! (There is only one reason – an individual is given an express command to speak to an individual Muslim, to tell him the Gospel). We CANNOT befriend Muslims just for the sake of civil friendship. It is not possible, when God hates those who reject His word and authority and commands Christians to stay away from such people (whether Muslims, Catholics, Mormons, etc) UNLESS they are preaching truth to them. And when that happens, your 'friend' will quickly kick you out of their playing field!! Then you have a lot of explaining to do to the Lord – who has watched you befriending those He hates!

There is a huge difference between befriending and being courteous or civil!!

The first is not acceptable to God, whereas the latter is what we ought to do.

Christian – you must make a choice, but your choice must be God-ward. If it is not, then you will be liable to God's anger and will lose any closeness you might have with Him.

Some claim many falsehoods about Muslims around Europe. They are false because they accept the extremely bad journalism that prevents truth being known.

Almost no major media have properly reported the truth about immigrants.

For myself I read material from MANY sources to get the true gist of the news.

How many media tell you the real facts about the 'migrants', most of whom are young men of fighting age? And fight they do, even before they reach their destination!! On their routes they devastate communities/towns and leave a trail of literal waste and filth. And when they reach their goals they become violent, demanding all kinds of privileges and benefits. They also rape, pillage, burn and fight.

These are the people we want in the UK? I don't think so! refugees? NEVER!!

Don't be fooled by the word 'refugee'. Almost none of these people are refugees.

They are wicked men out to spread Islam by force, and to reap the rewards of state benefits. Under Islam they will not work, but will take benefits, because Islam says it is okay to do so, because it weakens a country economically. ARE THESE THE PEOPLE YOU WISH TO BEFRIEND? Then tell it to the Lord, Who says otherwise!

The Muslims you wish to be friendly with for no other reason but social friendship, will turn on you at the right time. Make no mistake. But, the biggest reason to reject such fake friendship is that God hates their religion and them with an eternal hate.

They are your spiritual enemy, and will also become your physical enemy.

They have replaced Him and His word with an invented word of their own, and use it to decry and reject the one true God. So, it does not matter how 'nice' they might be, God sees them in a very different light... and you must beware that He does not see YOU in the same light for ignoring His commands. BE WARNED!