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As I was completing a lengthy article on Marxism and Islam, I had a booklet through my door... “The Holy Prophet Muhammad” (The messenger for all mankind).

It was distributed a long way from home – the London Mosque!

This is either Muslims trying to show how kind they are in the face of growing hostility caused by Muslim invaders in Europe, or a very expensive prelude to greater Islamic interference in Western governments.

I suspect both, but this kind of national coverage must be paid for by the Saudis!! Inside the booklet is another one, ‘Islam’s Response to Extremism’ (in the words of the Caliph) – not a very good way to put it, when ISIS boasts of a worldwide caliphate!! The booklets are a way to try to soften the look of Islam and to say that not all Muslims will chop your head off!! But, while Muslims do nothing concrete to allay such fears (a booklet is an easy way out), they will have a tough job making a good impression in the UK.

I rarely say much about outright pagan religions, because they are not biblical (Islam is a mixture of random ideas, plus large chunk of Old and New Testament).

And, in this case, because the result of Mohammed’s, the Koran, does teach Muslims to kill infidels (us and Jews!). I cannot see how they can get around that.

The hadith contains interpretations of the Koran and Islamic ideas, and if the murderous intent was limited to the hadith, we might be able to view Islam differently. But, we can’t, because it is the Koran itself, not an interpretation, that calls for murder, rape, paedophilia, and abuse of wives. It is likely that some, ignorant of religions as a whole, will be tempted to try out Islam following this doorstep publication. Which is why we must all advise those we come across that Islam is more than a fake religion, it is a political system with definite martial characteristics.

As I keep warning, yes, most Muslims appear to be peaceful – but half of them in a survey agree with Islamic terrorism and the deaths of infidels. And, as what is happening in Jerusalem every day, and around the world, it is the ‘moderates’ who are doing the killing (not including those in ISIS, Hamas, etc).

For this reason we cannot in all honesty say we can trust ANY Muslim.

Violence could come our way quickly without warning, as it has done in many places, and as it seen throughout Europe. It takes but a small number of evil Islamists to bring horror and fear to western towns.

We can be called ‘paranoid’ only if the thing we fear does not come about. But, we get daily information telling us that Muslims are getting away with murder, rape, pillage, burnings, violence, intimidation... and these things are before us like a plague. Even ‘ordinary’ Muslims are doing the same things. Which is why Muslims MUST separate themselves from those who want full Koranic evil to fall upon us. They must start their own movement AND condemn Islamism publicly. Otherwise we must look upon all Muslims as suspicious. Many Islamists have come from ordinary Muslim families and no-one expected them to be terrorists. But, they were. Yes, we understand that many Muslims appear to be quiet and law-abiding... but if every other one terrorist is said to have been ‘ordinary’, there is no way we can truly say we trust them.

They must all come under suspicion.

God tells us that He hates pagan idolatry, whether it is Roman Catholic, Islamic or Hinduism (etc).

He says that such people will be sent to hell if they do not repent.

In the Old Testament Israeli kings and kings of Judah were foul, leading the country into evil and idolatry. For this, God judged them repeatedly. At times these kings cast out idols and idolaters.

For these reasons we may not help those who hate God, and who worship idols of ANY kind.

I know some Christians who bravely approach Muslims in the street as part of their ministry. They do it because they have been called to do so. Anyone who is similarly called can do so, so long as the idolatry is dealt with.

But, there is a caveat... witnessing to the Gospel does not override the need for judicial punishment by the law, for terrorism, etc.

Unless our purpose is to witness to the Gospel, there is no reason to mix with Muslims at all.

But, there is yet another caveat – try witnessing without God’s prompting and you will likely be physically or verbally attacked (in Europe it will likely be physical, because of police bias). Or, you will be sued in court. Or, you will lose your job. Those who immediately resort to law to silence a different view, prove only one thing – their position is untenable! Rather than argue their case, they use the law!

I have often said that no Christian should have very close unsaved friends. The reasons are found in scripture. But, few Christians bother to listen, and this rejection of God’s commands affects their spiritual and physical lives, though this, too, does not bother them. In the same way no Christian can have very close Muslim friends. This is because ALL Muslims, nice or nasty, friendly or unfriendly, are condemned by God for worshipping idols and a false god. These Muslims are outwardly nice and socially aware, but this is not the point. GOD CONDEMNS THEM. It means that we cannot accept what God condemns.

We are only justified in mingling intimately with Muslims if we are witnessing to the one true God. There can be no other reasons. But, as I have already said, if you DO witness to Jesus Christ you will likely soon find that your ‘friend’ is no longer your friend! I, too, have come across many ‘good’ Muslims... but they are NOT ‘good’ to God, Who sees them as wicked followers of a false god, Allah. At no time in the past have I allowed emotion or sentiment to cause me to mingle fully. I cannot, because God condemns them.

This is why we may not mingle with homosexuals, who are already condemned to hell for their evil sin.

The same applies to Muslims.

What is the answer? Well, we must bear in mind that we DO NOT KNOW which ‘ordinary’ Muslim is likely to attack us. Thus far in the UK the hatred has mainly been rhetorical... but where there is utter hatred there is the distinct possibility of violence or even murder. But, where this hatred is allowed free reign by authorities and police, it finds its feet in violence. Even so, if we come across a Muslim who is willing to chat with us, or even smile, we must treat them with courtesy. Until a Muslim shows his hatred for God and us, this should be our attitude. Even as Muslims hated by God, we must respect each one as a fellow human being. We may even help an individual Muslim if God prompts us to do so.

But, the Islamic movement – Islam – cannot be thus helped, nor should we give any leeway to their false beliefs and actions, which are medieval, vicious and often secret. I cannot show courtesy to, or respect for, their beliefs and actions. To do so is to condone their godless religion and to kick God in the face.

In the matter of charity, we may not give support to Muslims as a whole, because this then rejects the very clear commands by God NOT to help them. Muslims are usually taught from birth to hate all but Allah, and to see infidels as ‘devils’. This is how they rationalise attacking us. From this we can say that helping migrants to infiltrate our country is godless, preparing the way for a very near future of evil, idolatry and violence. And this does not even look at the impossible to maintain benefit payments to people who do not work and who have many children. We cannot sustain it for our own citizens, let alone those who wish us harm and whose sub-culture is so riddled with sinful beliefs and activities that to invite them in is gross folly!

So, in the UK we have yet to see the evils now unleashed in the rest of Europe. Nevertheless, we must prevent more Muslims entering the country: the more we let in the more we move fast towards our own demise as a nation and as Christians. To allow the UK to be Islamised is a very bad idea. It is against God’s commands and against all rational thought. I don’t care HOW nice an individual Muslim is... it is his beliefs and actions that we must curb and stop.

So, if you are led to speak to a Muslim, please do so. But, remember that it might come at a price.

I am always pleasant and friendly with a Muslim. But, if his response is bad, he is immediately removed from my Christmas card list!! There is a very big problem with having Muslim friends, apart from the fact that it defies the Lord’s will in the matter. The problem is this – those who mingle fully will have their emotions tampered with. If, say, we mingle with criminals, then we will slowly adopt a friendship with criminality, which will cause our spiritual state to deteriorate. The same happens when someone mingles with homosexuals. There is an inevitable hint of godlessness, and this affects how we see all of life, and how we accept what God hates. The individual history of Muslims who genuinely try to escape violence is not an issue for us. No matter what reasons they have to come here, they are STILL, in God’s eyes, idolaters and heathen. And that should be our starting point. And bear this in mind – it is permissible in Islam to lie your head off if it allows Islam to go free. Having heard many ‘sob stories’ of Muslims, and then hearing that it was a lie, I am extremely cautious about accepting as real ANY Muslim story, no matter how tearful it might be. Once these people enter the country we are in potential danger! And if they come here illegally, we can expect them to live illegally, many of them just disappearing. Ask yourself WHY they do it!

Read the booklets if you get them. Familiarise yourself with their contents.

Know a biblical response, and advise all you know. Otherwise this will be yet another side to the Islamisation of the UK and Europe.

As I have also warned, I don’t care about the large number of Muslims who appear to be peaceful – it only takes a very small number to blow us up, shoot, or stab us, or run us down with cars. Is it paranoia to think this way? Only if you think it is okay for Muslims to do what they like with us, and only if you do not recognise that lone Muslims can kill many people. It is not paranoid to be very cautious about a group of people whose book tells them to kill others, and whose small minorities are doing just that in the name of Allah.

© March 2016

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