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Jeremiah Cry Ministries is a USA based Christian organisation that has brought together a team of seasoned street preachers from across the States and the United Kingdom to undertake a mission to major cities in England, South Wales and Scotland during May 2011.

Jeremiah Cry Ministries’ doctrinal position is biblical and therefore their approach to communicating the gospel is to use traditional street preaching. Some Christians, including myself, have felt uncomfortable at times seeing street preachers behaving in an almost demented fashion, screaming something related to Christianity in town centres to passing shoppers. These guys are different (watch this video).

Firstly, their people acknowledge the Arminian, and sometimes harsh, arrogant, angry and uncompassionate efforts of some public preachers as not the way preaching the gospel should be done.

Secondly, their position is that a street preacher must be called of God to preach the gospel and have the gift of the Holy Spirit for evangelism. The satisfying of these two biblical criteria will then be evident in the power and authority of their message and impact on those who hear it.

Thirdly, they make no concession to political correctness or other religions. A spade is called a spade. Sin is not something trivial. All men are commanded by God to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as their saviour from the wrath of God.

Fourthly, they will not compromise their message, and are prepared and have been arrested for stating biblical truth in public. These men are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and are prepared to declare God’s message of hope to all men who are called to believe that Jesus is the Christ and reform their lives in obedience to God’s word.

UK Mission Itinerary May 2011

Nineteen experienced public street preachers have published the following schedule:

6 – 8 May 2011: Bristol, England

9 – 11 May 2011: Swansea, South Wales

12 – 15 May 2011: Scotland including Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh

16- 17 May 2011 Manchester

This mission is a major frontline assault in terms of spiritual warfare and the team would value, as the Lord leads you, to pray for:

  • The success of the mission in preaching the good news of Jesus Christ that His name might be glorified and those whom God has called come to saving knowledge and faith.
  • The personal safety and protection of all the members of the team.

Further information on the mission or to offer your support may be obtained by contacting: Dale McAlpine

© 2 May 2011

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