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We have warned time and again that even moderates will support and follow terrorists and real Muslims (defined as those who know the Koran and obey it) given time. We have warned what strict Islamists have repeatedly told us – “there is no such thing as a moderate in Islam”!

Is your friend quiet because he is in gestation, waiting to act? Or, because he is a ‘sleeper’? Or, because he is passing on information to jihadists? You wouldn’t know anyway, as so many news stories prove! (Before the London underground failed bomb, did you read my prediction – I said watch out for the accolades – the terrorist will be called peaceful, quiet, nice, friendly, etc., etc. (The Telegraph, 19 September 2017)

And that is EXACTLY what was said!! EVERY ONE OF THE TERRORISTS were given such pleasant character references!! We can expect the same praise to be given to ALL future terrorists.

It is important to note, for westerners who befriend Muslims DON’T KNOW if those they befriend are already terrorists, or are planning to be killers. THINK YOU KNOW YOUR MUSLIM FRIENDS? So did their families and closest friends and workmates!! How wrong they were!!

It has been argued that these people will turn to violent Islam because they are too afraid of terrorists and what will happen to them. My response to that is “So what?” No, I am not being trite... I speak as one who has been physically attacked by homosexuals, threatened with my life if I don’t shut up, been attacked in print, had my jobs lost by activists... you name it and it has happened! So I know what it is like to be intimidated in all sorts of ways. BUT, I CARRIED ON BEING GOD’S MAN BECAUSE I AM A BELIEVER AND KNOW THAT WHAT I AM SAYING IS RIGHT.

So, I expect scared Muslims to stop whining and show their mettle, too!! If they don’t, I refuse to trust them.

Terrorism is PART of their pseudo-religion. It is written in their Koran and hadiths.

Now, there is even more reason to call a halt to befriending Muslims (except for the rare reason of preaching the Gospel or witnessing to individual Muslims as God leads). It is the very recent case of USA Muslim Alton Nolen, who beheaded a fellow factory worker and attempted to do the same to another female colleague. (Muslim who Beheaded Oklahoma Woman Wasn’t Radicalized, Did It Because Koran Says So )

In court, Nolen gave a very chilling fact – that he was NOT radicalised, nor was he influenced by any particular cleric or other source. He did what he did simply because he read the Koran and obeyed it. Now for those who don’t really follow what is happening throughout Islam, this fact is a frightening truth about Muslims. What it shows is a Muslim who wanted to enact what the Koran said, just because it said it. He was not a known terrorist, nor was he particularly interested in Islamic groups, but he was just an ordinary follower of Allah. For him, the words
in the Koran was his law, so he just did what it said. If those who befriend Muslims don’t see the huge significance of this, they should go to sleep and not bother us again!

This vindicates our warnings not to ordinarily befriend Muslims or to see ‘moderates’ as different. THEY ARE NOT!

This was one who some could refer to as ‘moderate’... yet he one day murdered his colleague because the Koran said so. A while ago I passed on a warning given by an ex-Muslim woman in Africa – as soon as a Muslim reads the Koran, he will become violent. What if they read it and remain quiet? Again – SO WHAT? ALL the UK and European terrorists were known to be quiet, decent, friendly, etc., etc. No-one knew they were planning to kill.

But, like Nolen, they killed anyway, suddenly.

Time and again, it is ‘moderates’ who murder. Nolen merely accentuates the fact that no Muslim can be trusted. If this offends those who think otherwise, then so be it. Nolen is the pin-up of ordinary Islam. If you still don’t get it, please stop siding with Islam and Muslims in my presence. Don’t write to me again with excuses for ‘moderates’.

If you wish to ignore all the warnings from Islamic clerics in strict Muslim countries, well, frankly, you need your heads read!

Yes, I am being very blunt and the talk is tough. But, I belong to God, Whose hatred for idolaters is absolute. Nolen is yet another example of what ‘ordinary’ Muslims can do. God help you if you cannot see the danger you are in by befriending that quiet, nice Muslim around the corner... the one hated by God. Your friendship puts ME in danger and possibly yourself, because as Nolen proved, he had no problem killing anyone and had no remorse!

I do not advocate hating anyone, not even Muslims, but I DO advocate total restraint in how we look at Muslims, and how we must not let our guard down. Nolen is a good example of why we warn people. We can expect more like him to arise murderously in the near future. And they are aided by westerners who have no idea what they are talking about and who prefer friendship with Muslims than with believers.

Be warned if you are a believer.