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“After serving at Hillsong Church for 25 years alongside Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, renowned worship leader Darlene Zschech will be leaving the megachurch to assume a senior pastor role at a nearby Pentecostal church.

She will be leading Church Unlimited, near Syndey, with her husband, Mark, beginning in January 2011.” (Christian Post, 28 October 2010)

This story, like many others, shows how far from scripture Charismatics can be. Darlene truly thinks God is behind her move to another church. But, one fact is against her belief - scripture says that a woman may not be an elder (pastor). If she is going against scripture, then no matter how 'successful' she is, her work and heart are void of God. The other factor is that the story reeks of Arminian heresy. These stories are much loved by Charismatics... but they are hated by Almighty God

© 2 November 2010

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