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It is about time westerners began to examine their own rhetoric when siding with Islam!

We are solemnly told that it is the fault of the West that Islamists fight it. We are told that the  reason we incense Islam is because of oil and its greed. The Gulf war was all about oil.

And so the words run on and on.

But the facts speak for themselves!

Islamists have attacked everyone else (not just the West) since it was born! It BEGAN its role of terrorist when Mohammed decided to hit back at his peers around Mecca who did not like him! It began when he organised bands of marauders to capture and kill merchants’ caravans.

It continued with his murderous assaults on neighbouring small kingdoms, whom he terrified and turned into slave or payers of Islamic taxes to stay alive, or who were just killed. Once invaded these people ‘converted’ to Islam out of sheer fear, and that is how the Middle East is still Islamic. They are still Islamic because Muslims are not allowed to test their beliefs in the market-place!

The Barbary Coast Islamic pirates attacked American ships long before jihad became a popular sport. That was well before oil became an issue. And remember this – the oil is in the hands of sheikhs and other Muslim rulers who won’t support their own poor, NOT the West. It was my own belief that the West should just have stopped buying oil from these people, to teach them a lesson. There is more than enough oil in the West to last for about 500 years at least!! But Islamists such as Obama prefer us to pay homage to Islam!

Get the picture! Islamists hate and kill because that is what they like to do! It is enjoyment. It gives them an excuse to murder, behead, steal, rant, and force everyone to obey them. Anyone with an ounce of historical knowledge would know that such people will exist whether or not the West complies. If the West did not exist, they’d just turn their wickedness to other causes and other peoples. After all, they already kill each other!! The barbaric nature of Islam comes from the Koran, and is perpetuated by sympathisers... sympathisers who reject God’s laws and commands concerning idolatry and religions that pretend there are other gods, when God says there ARE no others. He hates this false religion and so must we. Yes, be courteous to Muslims as people – but never give their fake religion house-room and NEVER show it respect! Forget the leftist mantras of oil and western values.

The real cause for Islamic violence is the Koran and the people who follow it because it suits their evil natures. The ONLY way Muslims can prove they are not of this kind is to stop all violence and hatred. But, in Islamic countries destitute of employment, money and decency, I doubt many would show their sincerity.