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A few days ago, I was accused by a Muslim of hating Muslims.

No, I hate Islam!

It is violent, militaristic, and a pseudo-religion.

It murders and creates mayhem around the world.

It threatens everyone who is not militant Islam.

It says it will take over the West by means of both violence and birth rates.

It threatens and murderers Christians and Jews.

It worships a moon-god, and God hates paganism.

It subjects its own members to threats and inordinate demands.

If Islam took over the UK for example, Christians would be under grave threat of death or subjection.

As I sit next to my wife I sometimes watch TV. Usually to do with police and High Court Enforcement. Even today, High Court officers went to a Muslim house to collect a debt. What happened???

Yes, the same thing that happens every time they try to approach male Muslims – a huge crowd collected, all Muslims, and all intimidating the two officers with threats and violence!! The same intimidation occurs in many UK towns where police dare not enter Muslim areas.


I do not apologise for making this fact plain, because it IS a fact. It is not inciting hatred... It is facing the stark facts about Islam, a fake religion that does not belong here.

Those Muslims who say they try to live quietly, are deliberately ignoring this wickedness.

It is wicked because it is cultic. Islam is not a true religion. It is a fake that tries to impose itself on everyone who stands firmly against it. So, please, if you are a Muslim and complain we are being ‘racist’ (which we are not – Islam is not a race) or ‘hateful’ – have the guts to face your own pseudo-religion!!

Look at it from the view of the West – we are constantly threatened by violent Islam.

That is why I say we don’t want Muslims in the West. They are literally trouble... not just to Christians, but to all of society... the TV programme shows the real side of Islamic behaviour.

Quiet Muslims are Complicit with Islam

I have no wish to speak like this. I know not all Muslims are this way. But, when pushed by jihadists or by imams they join forces with them. In this way the quiet ones become violent ones. They might join them out of fear – but to us in the West the reasons are irrelevant. They MUST have the guts to refuse!

There is no excuse. I have no respect at all for Islam, because of these things, and because quiet Muslims make no effort to disassociate themselves from jihad and sharia. Because quiet ones do nothing, we in the West have no idea who we can trust and who is really quiet! It means that all Muslims are a potential threat.

I understand why female Muslims stay quiet. They know that if they dared to raise their voices, they would be beaten or murdered. But, even this is no excuse. If everyone who is threatened cowed down before the bullies, then society as a whole would be handed over to thugs and wicked men. There is a time when everyone MUST have the guts to stand firm and refuse to be intimidated. For ALL Muslims, that time is NOW. If they do not show this opposition to Islamic terror and intimidation, they become a part of it.

As we have shown before, Islamic nations refuse to help their own poor. Islamic lands are backward and unhealthy. So Western charities step in and pay for health provision, and even fresh water. The ultra-rich Islamic rulers could not care less and so people die. And so millions of Muslims travel to Europe for more money and health care etc., plus free state benefits. In this way the West will soon become as Third World as the countries the Muslims travel from! The problem is – Islam. Get rid of Islam and the people will be free to progress and improve their lot. But, this is something THEY must do. If they don’t, why should the West help?

I have personally tried, time and again, to simply greet Muslims when I see them in the street. They either look away and say nothing, or they glare. This shows that Islam is now trying to intimidate westerners even in their own towns and streets. This has made it possible for Muslims to control whole sections of towns.

If you are Muslim and reading this, and you don’t want to be classed like jihadists... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

If you do nothing, then I cannot trust you, for I don’t know WHICH Muslim is out to cause violence. And if you don’t understand my reasoning, stop whining about some in society being abusive! We are entitled to fear for our lives... a fear caused by Islam and jihadists. Any anxiety YOU might feel is as nothing compared to the anxiety people feel in the West, when Muslims openly defy law and wave ISIS flags in the streets; and they violently attack other Muslims for not being radical, and STILL perform vile FGM operations on young girls, though it is an evil act of assault on defenceless females.

We KNOW that many jihadists are trying to stoke a violent reaction, so they can then go to police and demand ‘protection’! They WANT a reaction from westerners. As we keep saying, Islam is fascist in ideology and so societal upset is part of their aims. And ignorant politicians agree with them. We either speak openly and
honestly right now, or the time will come when Islam will gain power and we will all be subjected to its evils.