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They keep on coming – adverts that ask you to send money to help poor children in places like India.

And, as I have commented, all this does it to maintain the leaders in lavish wealth.

In India, the root cause of poverty is Hinduism, which maintains a cruel class system based on the idea that some are more worthy to live than others... it is their place in life to keep the rich rich.

Three thousand years ago the fair-skinned Aryans (the ideal according to Hitler) invaded India, where skins were much darker. To make sure their blood-lines were not 'contaminated' by the indigenous population, the Aryans invented the still-used caste system, with themselves as the highest.

Just 5% of the castes are of this highest group, the Brahmins. The remaining 95%, the 'untouchables' or Dalit, are the lowest of the low... they are considered to be unclean or worthless. The others in this evil system of the lowest caste, are the OBC's (Other Backward Castes). Though slightly higher than the Dalits, they are still separate from the Brahmins, and are just as poor as the Dalits.

Hinduism strictly keeps this cruelty going and so 95% of the population are poor because of this godless religion. And even when Brahmins emigrate to the West their mind-set is the same.

Even if they receive extra food, clothes and even a basic education, they will never be accepted by the foul Brahmins, who see them as no more valuable than dirt.

So, the lower castes, all 95% of them, remain in poverty and educational ignorance, with its attendant inability to raise their heads out of the dirt.

THIS is why India is in poverty. THIS is why so many of its children are abandoned, abused, and even murdered, by their own lower classes. The people who run the country, the Brahmins, do nothing to alleviate this poverty, because the lower classes are worthless! Until this caste system is abolished, the 5% Brahmin Hindus will get away with it, and the West will continue to prop-up poverty and the caste system!!

No charity fights this system, but instead feeds a few hundred of the more than a million kids.

This is why I do not subscribe to the charities... whose workers get paid before any money reaches the kids of India... the Western money is complicit in upholding the system and does nothing in reality.

What of kids from other countries, such as in Africa? The charities fail to tell you that the kids who die do so because of Marxist or/and Muslim regimes. Most aid money goes to the pockets of leaders, who travel the globe to whoop it up on their illicit gains. And the West does nothing – in fact, they send MORE money to these countries, KNOWING that it goes into the pockets of the leaders, who like Brahmins, despise the poor. And, once again, the charity workers, and especially the highly-paid bosses, get their share first. It is in their interests to maintain the poverty as it is, because if the poverty disappeared, so would their huge salaries and expenses!

Note that in virtually every case (including the current ISIS brutality and murders, which are ALL the product of Medieval Islam), wickedness is the root cause of the problems in these countries.

God is replaced by false gods, and this is reflected in cruelty and a vicious disregard for people thought to be worthless by those who stand to gain substantially whilst the rest die. In Gaza, terrorists boast that aid money from the West goes into their own pockets, and also is used to buy rockets, bombs, and bullets, and the construction of 'terror tunnels'! Don't listen to the poor 'plight' of the so-called 'Palestinians', who are complicit in this deception.

I feel very, very sad about the fate of these children and their parents, but they are kept poor by those who supposedly lead. Giving money to these folks is like pouring gold into the coffers of the rich who continue to abuse and suppress them. The poor remain poor and defenceless. But, it is not PC to mention this blunt fact!