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Listened today to a mother and daughter in their conflict. (BBC Radio 2, 25 October 2015) .

The mother was said to be an ardent Christian. But her daughter became a Muslim.

The interview seems to say that the mother blames herself for not passing on her beliefs properly. My comments are:

  1. We CANNOT 'pass on' our beliefs as a means of saving someone.
  2. If the girl became Muslim it is because EITHER she is not elect OR because she is not yet brought to being born again until later. If the latter then she will repent of her failure.
  3. It is failure because becoming a Muslim (or any other cultic member) is a grave offence against God. In this girl's case it is made worse by knowing God's truth. It is also stupidity, because the Muslim idea of women is grossly bad.
  4. The mother now does not talk to her daughter on doctrinal issues. This is another problem, for the mother is accommodating her daughter's wickedness (this is how God sees it). The mother must NOT make things easier by not talking about truth, or about the daughter's great evil (turning to false gods). Indeed, the comments from the daughter are EXACTLY the same as those coming from homosexuals who expect their parents to just accept their 'orientation'. The cost of telling her daughter the truth may result in a complete breakdown of thier relationship, but how can a parent not warn her child of breaking the first of the 10 commandments by submitting herself to the doctrines of Satan and the tyranny of Islam?