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Several of us had a deep discussion about Muslims at church on Sunday.

The core argument was that we should not think of all Muslims as being the same.

Nothing wrong with that on a superficial level, but two things made me think even more...

Though just an ex-army corporal, Hitler managed to weedle his way into positions of power.

At first he and a few chums used brute force – acting like thugs, beating people up and smashing up a variety of beer halls. Other thugs, like football thugs, were enthralled by the violence, and wanted to join in. Quickly, Hitler gathered many thugs together, many of whom were out-and-out psychopaths. This small beginning soon led to Hitler’s political career becoming more high profile.

Soon, yellow stars were painted on the shop fronts of Jews and boycotts encouraged, and even crosses were damaged or torn down. The thugs adopted a formal attire – brown shirts and armbands. They became Nazis. Without a doubt the records show that these Brownshirts were psychopaths. Most of them were also homosexuals, considered to be the most violent and psychopathic of them all.

The population was divided in their loyalty but allegiance to Hitler’s movement grew. The bigger it grew the less critics spoke out, because they feared the consequences. By the time of WW2 no-one spoke out, though some hated Hitler and his violent colleagues.

Throughout the war Hitler’s many security groups engaged thousands of social spies who willingly pointed out those who did not fit the new order. In particular, Jews were arrested, beaten up, had property confiscated, and were sent to camps. Others, such as critics, joined them, and most died.


Now – were critics and those who did not like the Nazi regime, ‘paranoid’?

I don’t think so. Paranoia is not a normal state of mind. It requires certain prompting factors and a particular kind of mindset. Someone who is paranoid cannot justify their paranoia.

But, especially today, many people are called ‘paranoid’ simply for refusing to accept the socialist philosophy of the day. It is a way of silencing them... just as was done by Hitler. I have pointed before to a poster strapline for a Will Smith film, which said: "It's not paranoia if they're really coming after you”. (Enemy of the State, 1998)

Now look at the way homosexuality was made mainstream. It followed the same pattern as the Brownshirts – lies, deception, violence, decrying all criticism as against the state, etc.

Muslims today use EXACTLY the same tactics to achieve their aims.

Islam is literally taking over large areas in Europe, where there are no-go places even the police refuse to operate. And so Sharia is the ruling policy. The UK is only slightly better off.

But – the rise of Nazi Germany can be plotted against the rise of Islam.

First Muslims were quiet and early immigrants were hard-working and law-compliant.

They were friendly. Today, this is not so, except in individual cases. I have witnessed it with my own eyes and ears.

Are we ‘paranoid’ to tar all Muslims with the same brush? Or are we subject to the same tactics used by Hitler? No – we are NOT paranoid. We are not paranoid because the things we
see and hear happening are very real.

The fact that only a few Muslims are terrorists (at least those we know about)... about 23,000 according to official sources (Express 6 June 2017), does not help. What I see with my own eyes is a rapidly growing hatred within Islam for host countries. I hear what they say – they want to kill us. To deny what these violent men say is tantamount to sheer stupidity. We MUST be vigilant and wary.

In August alone there were 866 Islamic attacks worldwide. This led to 5,224 deaths and hundreds of thousands of injured, burnt out homes, etc. That was just one month. So to call people
‘paranoid’ over the growth or presence of Muslims is very, very natural and logical.

Something else came out of our discussion – that friendship can destroy or badly twist attitudes.

In the past, whether it applied to charismatics, false environmentalists, or Islam, I have warned repeatedly against forming deep friendships with those groups. This is because friendships (or
sympathy, in the case of academic research) can spell disaster for true intellectual responses to facts and figures. When it comes to Islam, more than superficial friendships with Muslims lead
many down a wrong path, where they cannot see the dangers others can see, and are called ‘paranoid’ for saying so. Nowhere in scripture do we see God mandating friendship with pagans.

Sadly, godless people are always with us - but we cannot maintain a healthy attitude if we become their friends. There is only ONE reason to get closer – and that is to preach the Gospel.

Other than that, God hates pagans and what they believe. He says we must have nothing to do with them. Many today are being misled by their hearts and prefer friendships to actual
biblical truth about relationships with pagans.

Beware, Christian! Read God’s word when it comes to friendships and relationships. Or you will follow the path of Hitler, whose power grew and grew by the silence of Germany. Our
friendships must never be of our own choosing. And friendship with pagans is proscribed.

In all my work I never once resort to friendships with those I know. This is because human friendships are a barrier to genuine research and application of truth.

The fact that most Muslims in the West are peaceful does not sway me, for the German pre-war situation serves as a grim reminder of what will happen. Thus far the Islamic situation is following the Nazi situation almost to the letter. And it will get worse. THEN where will our friendships leave us?

There is far more to say on this matter, but the above is sufficient for now. Remember that our friendships are NOT equal to God’s truth or to logic or to common sense. Also, those moderates we now have WILL follow the example of Nazi Germany when people are forced by violence or threats to comply.