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In my first post I likened the current Islamic take-over of the West to Hitler’s rise to power.

Those who have knowledge of preWW2 fascism will understand what I am saying. They also know that Islam is modern fascism personified.

In this post I want to say that another argument against ‘tarring all Muslims with the same brush’ is that it isn’t ‘fair’ and is ‘wrong’, because they are obviously not all the same.

As a Christian I cannot accept that. As I have said before, to base our assumptions on friendships is a folly. The very ones we trust may be future/present terrorists... but we won’t know until it is too late.

One basic fact I base this on is the Islamic teaching on "Taqiyya" – lying. Another fact is that Islam has used comparisons for the past 50 years as an excuse. i.e. “We terrorise because of what the West has done to us”.

This is just a diversionary tactic to postpone western reactions to terrorism... place the blame for murder on the West! I have written on this, and other, tactics before – the article is well worth reading, because honest Muslims admit it is true! I

ndeed, everything I say about Islam and Muslims is taken directly from Islamic and other authoritative sources... I never rely on friendships, which can distort attitudes.

The thing is, if Muslims are taught from birth to lie, how are we in the West able to discern when a Muslim is lying, or if he truly is our friend. Islam has many ‘sleepers’ in the West. Each appears to be normal, nice, friendly, and non-terroristic, maybe even decrying terrorism. Until they are activated and kill.

As I have documented before, almost ALL the Islamic terrorists who have killed throughout the world have been previously known as friendly, quiet and decent. Not even their best friends or family realised they were terrorists. Yet, western folks think they know better and will not contemplate that the people they befriend might turn into killers. Such blindness is widespread in the West. It is essential for Christians to stand aloof so that proper conclusions can be reached.

It is a fact that the numbers killed by Islamic terror in the UK are relatively very small.

This, however, does not help those killed or maimed, or their friends and relatives.

There is every need to profile all Muslims.

As I have pointed out elsewhere, ALL Muslims come from the same pot. ALL are Koranic even when they have not read the Koran. They are led by their imams. And once they DO read their Korans they become murderous. Yet, in the UK, few have done so.


Frankly, I don’t care if my words upset ‘decent’ Muslims. It is up to them to prove beyond doubt that they are not terroristic... but how can they when they are taught to lie?

It is also a fact that the majority of Muslims are ordinary folks. Nice people. But – so were the people who suddenly took to violence and murder after reading the Koran! Many are too afraid of
terrorists and ISIS/other violent Muslims in the UK to speak out. I understand their fear, but I will not accept it as an excuse. Neither would I accept it from myself... I have faced actual violence, serious injury, and death threats many times in the past. It scares me. But, I know that to give in to it is to make it grow in strength. It is, after all, cowardice. While moderate Muslims stay quiet and do not attempt to stop the evil, they are potential enemies, and certainly a danger to me, my family, my friends, and my country, whether they personally attack me, or allow it through the terroristic violent factions and say nothing.

So, almost no Muslims are terrorists in the UK. The number who die are relatively few.

Muslims serve in the police and army etc., and do excellent jobs... currently...


Whilst taqiyya is in place I don’t know WHO to trust. Therefore, I remain wary of all Muslims.

I am also aware that Islamic policy is to make some Muslims appear to be okay. But, a variety of surveys show that over one third of British Muslims want sharia, and a few radical mosques
harbour terrorists and a few of them even stored guns. Their bookshops tend to supply pro-terror booklets and pamphlets, because they are funded by Saudi Arabia. There is far too
much evidence for me to have anything other than wariness.

But, I repeat – no Christian can legitimately enter into friendships with Muslims UNLESS God calls them to witness to truth, scripture, and God in salvation. If they do not do that, they have no
justification in having deeper friendships with Muslims. This is because Muslims are enemies of God and of us. One cannot reconcile deeper friendships with Muslims when God says otherwise!

The situation, then, is very serious.

Every day I hear calls to treat the majority of Muslims as different. I refuse to do so. I am very wary.

I am very wary because of the facts, the statistics, the sources of authoritative truth. I only have to walk down certain areas in my city to see how things have changed. I recognise that any courtesy has gone, and is replaced by hostile stares and shunning. This is indicative of hatred for the West by Muslims. Not all of them? I cannot say that, really, because of lies and deception.

Read my various in-depth articles on Islam (which I have written about over a period of 15 years) before offering me the usual Islamic deceptions (which I recognise). God sees them differently, and as believers we must obey God, not friendly Muslims.

Finally, what I think or perceive is irrelevant. I have no personal animosity towards Muslims in general. I know many are currently quiet and reasonable. But none of this is relevant. What
matters is what God says, and how other Muslims act. When one terrorist can kill hundreds or even thousands, and such violence is escalating, it is time to profile all Muslims. It is not personal.
It is about security and reality. But, more than that, it is about what God says.