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You might think we are sending out too much on Islamic violence.

In reality the number of news items is only a dip in the ocean... the number we receive at BTM is vast and come in daily. But, we know most Christians cannot stomach truth in large doses... so we only send a sample number.

It is a bit like newspapers publishing what happened in WW2 – the reports were many and daily. This was necessary.

But, Christians today are sleeping. They dislike thinking about the worldwide murders and genocide carried out by ISIS and its allies.

I think the same way, but hiding our heads on the sand is not an option when we KNOW these Islamic murderers are already slaughtering people everywhere and VOW to travel the world to murder as many Christians, Jews and non-Sunni Muslims as they can find.

And, as the yellow-spined leaders in the West prove, they are not concerned about it, but are inviting killers into our countries.

Obama is doing the same.

This is no longer a crisis- it is a real war, divided up into multiple Muslim groups and individuals. In Israel, these groups are now split into individuals, who will stab, shoot and ram, other individuals without discrimination, so long as they kill. There are now many such murders EVERY DAY in Israel!! But, Christians don't care.

Nor do they care that killers are coming to us hidden amongst migrants.

Instead, they WELCOME these Muslims and speak only of 'love.

Yet, I read of no such love in scripture. for those who kill, maim and destroy us. Certainly, God does not offer such unconstrained love!!

Those who think 'loving' these people without knowing who they are, are NOT practising any kind of love – only unremitted stupidity arising out of ignorance of the facts.

I can tell you now – ignoring these facts and that Islam is fascist and threatening our very lives, will do more harm than good. Now is NOT the time to just pray for 'peace'... now is the time to put all who kill for jihad to death, with no allowance for why they do it. We know why... they read the Koran and live by a pseudo-religion that hates others.

So, if you in the habit of deleting our Islam news items, well, the results of ignorance are on your own heads. I can assure you that the number of reports from around the world are fast increasing and the wickedness gets worse and worse. Our leaders are at fault, but so are Christians who refuse to face up to what is going on.

We will continue to send out a very small number of reports, for those who have the guts to face the challenge.

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