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Mohamed Elibiary Islamic vs Muslim linguistics contortions

A simple explanation for one of Obama's Muslim Advisors, who doesn't understand his own language:

Islamic people like to confuse and deceive when they begin the Islamicisation of a western country.

And they pretend to be friendly.

One Muslim Obama advisor, Mohamed Elibiary, laughably (in the dark sense) on the Homeland Security Advisory Council, has said several times that the USA is an 'Islamic country' (WND, 29 June 2014). He also says that Congress and its laws are already 'Sharia compliant'. When there was an uproar about this, and rightly so, the man backtracked and rebuked his readers, saying they should learn the difference between 'Islamic' and 'Muslim', because he never said the USA was a 'Muslim' country, only an 'Islamic' one. Oh what a deceiver!!!

Let me tell you the difference (which is, practically, no difference')...

ISLAM: The word comes from an Arabic verbal noun, s-l-m. When suitable vowel markers are inserted, the word 'Islam' appears.

Etymologically, s-l-m means to submit, to accept, or to surrender. Hence the Islamic idea of surrendering to God.

MUSLIM: Like the expanded word 'Islam', the word 'Muslim' ALSO has its root in the s-l-m verb. Please forgive me for pestering you with pesky linguistics, but 'Muslim' is a participle of the verb. Whilst the verb refers to the subject of one's actions, the participle (Muslim) refers to the one who performs those actions... a person who engages in submission, acceptance and surrender to Allah and to the Koran!

So, a Muslim is one who submits to Allah's will. That is, he is a follower of Islam. So our friend, Mohamed, is trying to create confusion in the USA by playing around with semantics... but his semantics make a hash of the linguistic sameness of the two words! To put it simply, for Mohamed, the actions require persons to perform those actions. Thus, Islam requires Muslims to make Islam an actual thing. They cannot be separated!

Therefore, to say that 'Islamic' does NOT mean 'Muslim' is nonsense, because the existence of s-l-m REQUIRES someone to comply... Muslims!

The two words, then, refer to the same thing, with only a very tenuous, negligible linguistic difference between them, a difference that does not explain poor old Mohamed's sleight-of-tongue in order to deceive. Unless, of course, he does not understand his own language.

To Mohamed I say this – "Be off with ye, ye vagabond and twister of calumnies"! (Sounds good?)