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FAO: Hazrat Mirza Maroor Ahmed
Head of Ahadiyya Muslim Community UK
The London Mosque, 16 Gressenhall Road
London  SW18 5QL

18th February 2016

Dear Mr Ahmad,

I have received copies of your leaflets('The Prophet Muhammad' and 'Islam's Response to Extremism') through my door and must say they are less than truthful. I give my reasons below.

The leaflet on Muhammad is contradicted by other books by Muslim writers, which state that Muhammad was not accepted by his own people and this led him to commit acts of aggression, murder and theft, firstly against travelling merchants and then against whole tribes and small nations, all of whom he took by force, or killed. How can you make such blatant statements, that Muhammad was holy and pure?

You say yours in the ‘final religion’ – but you only have Muhammad’s word on that, a word backed by centuries of violence, murder, rape, theft and evil. Overall, I find that your leaflet bears no resemblance to other Muslim source materials.

You say Muhammad says all are equal. Why, then, do non-Muslims have to pay taxes to Muslims? Why are they treated as second or even third class citizens, who may not walk on the same side of the road as Muslims? Why are women treated as chattels and sex objects, and as being ‘half’ the worth of men? Why are non-Muslim women said to exist to satisfy Muslim pleasure and as objects of rape? Why do Muslims steal, lie, cheat, commit violence, etc., against non-Muslims and commit evils they denounce in the West? These are all taken from Koranic sources.

Why is it that ‘charity’ is not being shown by strict Islamic countries towards Muslim ‘refugees’ from Islamic violence and murder? They say it is because they do not want the violence to spread in their own countries... such a statement proving that Muslims are being violent not just towards Muslims but towards anyone who is not Muslim. This means that Muslim ‘charity’ is very much hidden, is never sufficient, and is rarely given to other Muslims.

Love thy neighbour? I do not see this in either Muslims who live in the West or in Islamic countries. Instead, I see violence, murder and mayhem. There are many who stay quiet – but for how long? We are told by Muslims that once Islam gains the majority, sharia will be applied and all non-Muslims will be forced to comply.

Loyalty is supposed to be part of faith? Then why do so many of the UK’s Muslims support death for ‘infidels’ and violence towards those who do not wish to live under sharia? And why do so many openly call for death for the West, and are not stopped or countered by Islamic teachers, such as yourself? Frankly, you appear to have no authority, so your words are empty.

Honesty... The Koran says that Muslims may lie if it forwards the cause of Islam.

Respect for children... Then why do so many Muslims commit foul acts of paedophilia (and homosexuality)?

Muslims must be grateful? Then why do the millions of migrants now flooding Europe treat their hosts with contempt, throw free food and drink on the ground, say they do not recognise the rule of law, rape women and children, and say they refuse to come under Western laws, and commit countless acts of lawlessness? Muslims have been allowed to get away with all manner of wickedness, and this is a shame on both Islam and the West.

You say that extremists contradict Islam? Yet, the Koran calls for the death of Christians and Jews. The ones who do these things are closer to the Koran than modern Islam, and this means ‘moderates’ are lax Muslims! As terrorists continue to kill, maim and burn others, so your community remains silent. It takes more than a leaflet for you to prove your loyalty to Britain, your refusal to support violence, and your claimed love for your non-Muslim neighbours!

Islam is a religion of peace? Yet, Muhammad spread his false religion by force, by the sword, by taxes on non-Muslims, and by murder on a large scale! Islam does NOT just mean ‘peace’ – it also means submission. And in the modern world this means everyone MUST submit to Allah (who was only a moon-god, a god amongst many others in Mecca). ISIS claim they have complete ‘peace’ in towns they hold. This is not because there is genuine ‘peace’, but because citizens are too afraid of ISIS murders to complain! From what we can see ‘peace’ means complying with every Muslim demand, even if we do not really believe in Allah! It is not peace, but imposed silence, using evil violence!

Something has to be done to stop ISIS? Where are all your peace-loving Muslims? Why do they not go to ISIS where they are and fight them until they are all obliterated? Why do you not go to police with the names of Muslim extremists who promise nothing but murder? Why do not your peace-loving members openly oppose them in the home, mosques, streets and media?

I agree with many of your points... but they are points that do not have the basis of truth in daily reality. Go and fight ISIS! That would be a better proof than mere words. And do not threaten the West with sharia rule if you gain prominence! We do not want sharia.

The things you say are ‘not Islamic’ are daily life in Islamic societies. These ‘non-Islamic’ ways of life are being forced upon Europe by so-called ‘refugees’ (most of whom only wish to come to the West to take benefits, and who have no regard for their hosts, and who literally hate the West. Much of this hatred is witnessed in the UK and Europe.

If Muslims were only Muslim in their own minds, we would not object, even though God (Biblical) condemns idolatrous religions. If Muslims did not impose sharia, we would see them as neighbourly. If they did not shout obscenities and hatred in the streets and from mosques, we would look more kindly upon them. But, we see little of this in the UK, nor in the rest of Europe. In short, then, if you actually practised what you wrote in your leaflets, I could live alongside you without fear and doubt... by ‘you’ I mean all Muslims. But, at this time, we cannot do so, because of hatred shown towards the West, and thousands of murders done in the name of Allah, who we do not accept as real.

It is possible that you, as a person, actually believe and practice what you say. But Islam has shown itself to be murderous, genocidal and treacherous. Therefore, if you are genuine, I call upon you and your Islamic fellows to show your authority and to not attack non-Muslims.

This is a call we put out on our website, which reaches many thousands worldwide: it is an open challenge. We have already put this letter onto the website. How will you respond? Deeds will prove more than words! Do you condemn ISIS and ALL Muslims who act illegally, including those who try to get into the UK illegally and who act illegally when they arrive in Europe? Words are not enough. What will you actually do to get rid of the wickedness of your fellows, thus proving the legitimacy of your words?



K B Napier
Bible Theology Ministries