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Justin Welby, the recently appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, has openly confirmed in his first 'presidential' address to the General Synod, on 5 July 2013, that:

"The majority of the population rightly detests homophobic behaviour or anything that looks like it... With nearly a million children educated in our schools we not only must demonstrate a profound commitment to stamp out such stereotyping and bullying; but we must also take action. We are therefore developing a programme for use in our schools, taking the best advice we can find anywhere, that specifically targets such bullying. More than that, we need also to ensure that what we do and say in this Synod, as we debate these issues, demonstrates above all the lavish love of God to all of us, who are all without exception sinners. Again this requires radical and prophetic words which lavish gracious truth." (, 5 July 2013)

So Welby is saying openly and publically in his first policy declaration statement that:

  1. Homophobia (aka criticism of GLBTQ behaviour and opposition to Same-Sex Marriage) is wrong and must stop.
  2. GLBTQ behaviour is to be protected and encouraged in schools and any natural revulsion to it is to be suppressed with the full vigour of Stonewall's agents of conformity through brainwashing our children and putting them into the arms of those who want to sexually assault them.
  3. GLBTQ behaviour and Same-Sex Marriage is not a sin and should be accommodated by the lavish love of God and gracious weasel words that change the words of scripture for a complete lie.

No amount of pseudo Christian double talk, and gift wrapping of Welby's message can take away from the enormity of his gross sinful exhortation to the members of the General Synod to acquiesce GLBTQ behaviour, reject the idea that homosexuality is a sin and recommend that everyone, especially children, embrace the full scope of fornication and promiscuity of the prevailing sexual revolution for the sake of the Church of England.

Justin Welby will feed your children and grandchildren to Stonewall

The Telegraph report that 'while insisting he had no immediate plans to change policy on issues such as gay marriage (Why not, as he said as much in his speech?), he announced a major campaign to curb anti-gay bullying in the Church of England's more than 5,000 schools.

He is understood to have approached Stonewall, which led the campaign in favour of gay marriage, to invite it into church schools to teach up to a million children about homosexuality.

"We may or may not like it but we must accept that there is a revolution in the area of sexuality," the Archbishop said.' (The Telegraph, 5 July 2013)

Thus Welby has stated that he will feed our children and grandchildren to Stonewall to be converted to be ardent followers of the sexual revolution in its greatest excess as promoted by Stonewall et al and that being gay is OK!

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, cannot by any definition be a follower of Jesus Christ and should be cast out of the church as a GLBTQ and Stonewall sycophant of the most heinous kind.

"Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." (Mark 19:14)

Paraphrasing the precious and beautiful words of Jesus Christ, Justin Welby says in essence, "Suffer little children to come unto Stonewall, and forbid them not, to come unto Stonewall: for of such is the kingdom of hell."

Mark and avoid the man Justin Welby, the wolf in Archbishop's clothing, who walks not in the doctrines of our Holy God, but in the doctrines of devils and his own imagination (Romans 16:17).