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This is where we see the real reason behind the infamous Toronto Blessing.

It shook up churches so badly that they accepted false spirituality, and the 'Blessing' spawned many thousands of false churches, charismatic. These contained millions of fake believers, who are willing to ignore genuine spirituality for the sake of pretence and falsity. The Roman Catholic organisation quickly identified itself with the movement, and with ALPHA, thus showing all who have eyes, that they all have the same false god. Today, as Kenneth Copeland (Take Heed, February 2014) and other 'big names' prove, the reason for the 'Blessing' and worldwide charismatic deception is marriage with Rome itself.

But, do not be sad, for the charismatic movement is NOT Christian anyway!

It is a field of tares ready for the burning! It is returning to Satan's masterpiece, Rome. So it isn't leaving God, it is just showing its true colours and master.

However, please be sad and pray for all those naïve and silly people who are believers, but who have allowed themselves to be harmed by the seducing spirits that fill the charismatic scene. May the Lord send a blast of His wind to clear away their delusions.