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"Bishops in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America lay hands on three lesbian ministers during the Rite of Reception on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010." (Christian Post)

Homosexuals have a peculiar take on life, and truly think they are hard done by! These lesbians think their work for the church should be recognised. They are right... they should be recognised for what they are - sexually perverse unrepentant women who have no place in a church and certainly no place in a pastorate.

The Lutherans have struggled with decreasing numbers... maybe they will rue the day they welcomed lesbians into the pastorate, as more people insist on truth and Biblical living. Let us hope! If the Lutherans, and all similar apostates, persist in courting homosexuals, then let their 'church' fail miserably and sharply, under God's judgment.

© September 2010

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