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Have you noticed?

Even though Angela Merkel took part in the "I am Charlie" demo, she condemned "hate" just before a German newspaper was torched by Muslims and continued to badmouth Pegida, the German grassroots group trying to slow or stop the rampant immigration from Muslims countries.

Meanwhile, German TV shows, eg, on Deutsche Welle, are presenting sympathetic Muslims with personalities that appeal to Westerners, and most of the guests are also condemning Pegida for rejecting Islamization. Europe is now officially expected to accept the switch from Christian to Muslim and those who fight this will be punished. It is the most powerful programme against Judeo-Christian culture to date. And all because of a Muslim massacre. The jihadis won!

Pegida has held rallies in several German cities. Their attendance broke records thanks to the massacre at Charlie Hebdo. But just before the announced rally, Merkel said "Islam belongs to Germany". Partly in response, as you may have heard, there were counter-rallies that were even better attended, thanks in part to sabotage by lefty politicians.

The German language web site Micahel Mannheimer linked below affirms that the people who 'oppose' Pegida outnumbered Pegida in all rallies, but that this high attendance by the opposition was due in large part to the fact that the Left bussed people in from afar and that those who expressed little or no interest in opposing Pegida were threatened with loss of their jobs!

This is manipulated democracy at its finest.

Ok, folks, remember how politicians like Dubbya started ramming pro-Islam speeches down our throats right after 9-11? The same trick is being used in Europe. Prepare for a huge pro-Islam campaign and useful European idiots eating out of the elitists' hands just as the always have. Charlie Hebdo has already published a cartoon with the caption "all is forgiven." The dead are not all buried but the jihadis are forgiven because a few groomed Muslims "stood with" Charlie.

This is the other shoe falling. It is a massive deception and it could leave Westerners defenseless against jihad once the elites succeed in convincing them that most Muslims are good guys. After all, they too protested against the Charlie Hebdo massacre, right?

And ok, while it is possible that most Muslims do not sympathize with jihad (despite polls showing the opposite), the real issue is: do we still have a Christian West?

From the looks of things, we will not have one for long because anyone opposed to Islam, even on theological grounds, will now be considered intolerant. As in jujitsu, the opponent's own force will be used against him. It is another obvious example of the Cloward-Piven strategy, or if you will, the Hegelian dialectic otherwise known as, good cop bad cop.

This is the other face of jihad, the 5th column face, the enemy within working hand in hand with the enemy without. These recent events demonstrate that both the Muslim jihadis and the establishment elites are on the same side, just pretending to be at loggerheads with each other. Psychologically, the West has never been more vulnerable.

It is exactly what happened after 9-11. Note that I am not taking sides in the 'Truther' controversy. I do not insist that it was all a false flag and that the US government was behind the impending attack. Nor do I deny that possibility (for the records' sake, though, the melting temperature of construction steel like that in the Twin Towers is higher than the combustion temperature of aviation fuel). That issue is not the salient point so to take sides is a diversion at this crucial point.

Even in the event the government was not in on the plot, then the establishment, which is the enemy of the people, took full advantage of the crisis à la Saul Alinsky.

In the Hegelian scheme of things we have a tally looking roughly like this


Germans vote that Islam does not belong to Germany


Merkel declares it does


Jihadis massacre citizens in Paris


One of the slain cops is Muslim and a Muslim helped rescue the hostages in the kosher supermarket; further, Muslims, including Muslim heads of state, attend the "I am Charlie" rally. Sympathetic Western-looking Muslims appear on German TV and win the viewers' hearts and minds for tolerance.


Muslim heads of state are soft on jihad (Saudi Arabia is still the biggest donor to terrorists and Turkey recently spoke of a nuclear attack on Israel).


Muslim heads of state march in the "we are Charlie" demo in Paris.

But it was a bait and switch. The Muslims were intolerant and that has changed only on the surface in Europe. There is no indication that such will last or that one-time jihad supporters in the Middle East have changed their minds. ISIS and Boko Haram are still rampaging and the latter just killed 2000 Christians in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, what happened to the non-Muslim community, which is now threatened more than throughout its recent existence?

White flag, complete capitulation. In a Houdini-like about face, Islam is no longer seen as the intolerant side. We were intolerant but are now repentant. We, the massacred victims, came out begging for forgiveness. We will surrender our religion in the interest of peace. Why such a quick surrender? Because, unlike the Muslims, the West has long surrendered its faith in the God of Abraham.

A game brilliantly played thanks to the cooperation of the hapless European sheeple!