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A Call from 2008 to Reform Islam

The information given below is the text of the Home Page of a group called ‘Muslims Against Sharia’ (only available on Web Archive). The text is for their fellow Muslims. We have commented on one or two statements, at the end of the paper. Comments are numbered. Publishing of the statements does not mean we necessarily agree with everything said by the group.

If the group is – as some say – merely a front for the spread of Islamic superiority by covert means, we will immediately remove this article from our list if suitable proof is given. The website for the group is: (Available on Web Archive)

As Christians we cannot agree with Islam. But, as citizens, we must commend the actions of any group (even if we do not agree with their theology) that tries to stop violence, especially when the group belongs to the same religion as the terrorists. People may become members of whatever religion they wish. Whilst we may object to those religions (which are false), it is God Who will judge us all.

Reproduced from the website. Reform Islam


  • to educate Muslims about dangers presented by Islamic religioustexts and why Islam must be reformed
  •  to educate non-Muslims about the differences between moderate Muslims and Islamists (a.k.a. Islamic Religious Fanatics, Radical Muslims, Muslim Fundamentalists, Islamic Extremists or Islamofascists) (1)
  • to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims alike that Moderate Muslims are also targets of Islamic Terror (2)


Acknowledging mistakes

The majority of the terrorist acts of the last three decades, including the 9/11 attacks, were perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists in the name of Islam. We, as Muslims, find it abhorrent that Islam is used to murder millions of innocent people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Inconsistencies in the Koran

Unfortunately, Islamic religious texts, including the Koran and the Hadith contain many passages, which call for Islamic domination and incite violence against non-Muslims. It is time to change that. Muslim fundamentalists believe that the Koran is the literal word of Allah. But could Allah, the most Merciful, the most Compassionate, command mass slaughter of people whose only fault is being non-Muslim? (3)

The Koran & the Bible

Many Bible figures from Adam to Jesus (Isa) are considered to be prophets and are respected by Islam. Islamic scholars however believe that both the Old and the New Testament came from God, but that they were corrupted by the Jews and Christians over time. (4) Could it be possible that the Koran itself was corrupted by Muslims over the last thirteen centuries?

The need for reform

Islam, in its present form, is not compatible with principles of freedom and democracy. Twenty-first century Muslims have two options: we can continue the barbaric policies of the seventh century perpetuated by Hassan al-Banna, Abdullah Azzam, Yassir Arafat, Ruhollah Khomeini, Osama bin Laden, Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Hizballah, Hamas, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, etc., leading to a global war between Dar al-Islam (Islamic World) and Dar al-Harb (non-Islamic World), or we can reform Islam to keep our rich cultural heritage and to cleanse our religion from the reviled relics of the past. We, as Muslims who desire to live in harmony with people of other religions, agnostics, and atheists choose the latter option. (5) We can no longer allow Islamic extremists to use our religion as a weapon. We must protect future generations of Muslims from being brainwashed by the Islamic radicals. If we do not stop the spread of Islamic fundamentalism, our children will become homicidal zombies.

Accepting responsibilities

To start the healing process, we must acknowledge evils done by Muslims in the name of Islam and accept responsibility for those evils. We must remove evil passages from Islamic religious texts, so that future generations of Muslims will not be confused by conflicting messages. Our religious message should be loud and clear: Islam is peace; Islam is love; Islam is light. War, murder, violence, divisiveness & discrimination are not Islamic values. (6)

Religious privacy

Religion is the private matter of every individual. Any person should be able to freely practice any religion as long as the practice does not interfere with the local laws, and no person must be forced to practice any religion. Just as people are created equal, there is no one religion that is superior to another. (7) Any set of beliefs that is spread by force is fundamentally immoral; it is no longer a religion, but a political ideology.


Islam is one of the many of the world's religions. There will be no Peace and Harmony in the World if Muslims and non-Muslims do not have equal rights. (8) Islamic supremacy doctrine is just as repulsive as Aryan supremacy doctrine. History clearly shows what happens to the society whose members consider themselves above other peoples. All moderate Muslims must repudiate the mere notion of Islamic supremacy.


Sharia Law must be abolished, because it is incompatible with norms of modern society.

Outdated practices

Any practices that might have been acceptable in the Seventh Century; i.e., stoning, cutting off body parts, marrying and/or having sex with children or animals, must be condemned by every Muslim.

Outdated verses

The following verses promote divisiveness and religious hatred, bigotry and discrimination. They must be either removed from the Koran or declared outdated and invalid, and marked as such.

Outdated words & phrases

Use of the following words and phrases or their variations must be prohibited during religious services:

  • Infidel / Unbeliever: these terms have negative connotation and promote divisiveness and animosity; Islam is not the only religion
  • Jihad: this word is often interpreted as Holy War against non-Muslims
  • Mujaheed / Holy Warrior: no more wars in the name of Islam
  • American (Christian / Crusader / Israeli / Zionist) occupation: these terms promote bigotry; at this point in time, Muslims living in non-Muslim lands have more freedoms than Muslims living in Muslim lands (9)

Islam vs. violence

Islam has no place for violence. Any person calling for an act of violence in the name of Islam must be promptly excommunicated. (10) Any grievances must be addressed by lawful authorities.

It is the religious and civic duty of every Muslim to unconditionally condemn any act of terrorism perpetrated in the name of Islam. Any Muslim group that has ties to terrorism in any way, shape, or form, must be universally condemned by both religious and secular Muslims.

Portrayal of Prophets

While portrayal of Prophets is not an acceptable practice in Islam could be personally offensive to some Muslims, other religions do not have such restrictions. Therefore, the portrayal of the Prophets must be treated as a manifestation of free expression.

The Crusades vs. The Inquisition

While the Inquisition was a repulsive practice by Christian Fundamentalists, (11) the Crusades were not unprovoked acts of aggression, but rather attempts to recapture formerly Christian lands controlled by Muslims. (12)

Brothers and Sisters!

Do not make the next generation of Muslims clean up your mess!
Fight Islamic Fascism now, so your children won't have to!

Bible Theology Comments

  1. In the USA, non-Muslim Liberals (Marxist-Democrats; leftists) apply this term, ‘Islamofascists’, to non-Muslims who attribute Islamic violence to Islamic terrorists… because it is followers of Islam who perpetrate the violence! So, to find Muslims who call these terrorists ‘Islamofascists’ is both refreshing and interesting! Indeed, this group is on the side of non-Muslim critics!
  2. Knee-jerkers forget this important fact, that Islamic terrorists kill fellow Muslims. This is proof that their interest is not in religion but in violence and obtaining power. Their religion is just a front.

  3. This group believes the Koran, etc., was corrupted, just as we believe the Bible was corrupted by Roman Catholicism, Joseph Smith, etc., to produce their own versions of scripture.

  4. There is no evidence for this claim.

  5. Whether or not we accept claims by Islam, this aim is commendable.

  6. If God gives us His word, we may not and cannot alter it, just to make ourselves more peaceful. However, Muslims may do whatever they wish with the Koran, which, for Christians, has nothing to do with holy writ (though parts of the Koran are copied from the Old Testament)

  7. It stands to reason that if God is true, and scripture is His word, then all religions are not equal. Only faith in Jesus Christ/God is genuine.

  8. As people, all are equal in this world, even though all religions are not equal.

  9. A truth many Muslims forget!

  10. We called for this on our Muslim Forum. An excellent way to deal with violence.

  11. This is an error. The Crusades were devised and perpetrated by Roman Catholics, not by genuine Christians. I have informed this group.

  12. Another fact conveniently forgotten (or not known) by non-Muslims who call critics ‘Islamophobics’ and ‘Islamofascists’!!

© 5 July 2008

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