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Here we have a warning for all homosexuals. 

Though God requires your death, He says He will wait until the end of time before He sends you to eternal hell.

The only way out is to be saved. But, few of you will not even look at the Gospel, for fear of losing your sexual perversity.

In reality homosexuals should be thrown out of a country... but no-one has the guts to do this.

That is where the Islamists come into the picture...

They are now killing homosexuals in countries being overrun by ISIS. (Daily Mail, 3 February 2015) (Eagle Rising, 19 January 2015)

The irony of this is that Islam took its Marxist-Fascist rules of war from the homosexuals!! Now, they are killing them.

One of the first groups to be murdered by Islam when it takes over a country is – homosexuals. So, the vile godless will be killed by another kind of vile godless!

Remember this, homosexual – Christians don't hate you, but God does.

We don't want to murder you; you will be punished enough when you stand before Almighty God on Judgment Day. We will also oppose you all the way on this earth. But, we won't kill you.

Gays know who they can abuse – Christians – because we hardly ever respond to their foul lives and insults. (Godfather Politics, 4 February 2014)

They are cowards and liars. Christians don't act like ISIS, so they are easy to attack. I can only warn homosexuals that if European law becomes Sharia, they will be one of the next targets of Islam. This would be an ironic twist, because both groups are fascist, and people like ISIS have borrowed homosexual rhetoric. It will be turned back on them with great force and evil violence.

Before that, the people you have hated the most – Christians – are being killed by Islamists. But, don't laugh... they are coming after YOU as well. God forbid that homosexuality should make more gains.

And God forbid, Islamists will soon devour you without mercy.

It is time for you to go back behind closed doors and stay quiet!