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Dudley Thomas, whilst working on a US Nuclear Submarine in the summer of 1980 as a Sonar Systems Supervisor, was privy to seeing satellite imagery of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat when the ice retreated in the very hot summer of 1980. He then states that the Russians, sent 10,000 of their troops into Turkey to remove two thirds of the ark by hand before the snow returned. The Russians and US governments have never disputed that Noah's ark has been found, but have suppressed the information for over 30 years for ideological reasons. Link to the video is here.

Mr Thomas "expects there to be two ways for the truth to come out.

 1.  A Senate investigation with the right people.  Having the wrong individuals may yield negative results as they can be settled into the mode of suppression.

2.  Individuals to come forward who were involved in the events.

I am only one voice, with a very good memory."

Comment by K.B. Napier:

Versed in observing behaviour, I could not see any evidence that the man is telling lies.

He comes from a background that chooses submariners very carefully on the basis of psychological testing.

I know that over the past 50 years, accounts have sometimes come forward of Ararat being closely guarded from intruders and archaeologists.

Some of the comments below the video are just silly, showing no idea what governments are capable of doing.

It is perfectly reasonable to assume along with the speaker, that Russia and now the USA (as a developing Marxist country), would want to keep such a find secret, even at pain of death... no government on earth, apart from one or two brave African ones, want any form of biblical truth to emerge to rock their sinful worldview. After all, this is EXACTLY why Jesus was murdered by the Sanhedrin!!

Based on probabilities and the fact of wicked rule today, I would not be surprised if what he said is 100% true.

Yet, it does not alter the command to believe and to act out God's word in our lives, regardless of what governments do or say.

Does anybody else want to come forward and give evidence on this event in 1980?