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For those who don’t know me, let me explain something...

My words on Islam and homosexuality are strong. They have to be so that Christians realise the real horror of both movements.

Unfortunately, few understand that I am able to separate my writing from my person!

I cannot count the number of readers who have said I “must be full of hate”. In reality, what I write is, more often than not, detached from my emotions.

It HAS to be, or I would only be writing rubbish, and I am not an ‘activist’!

On rare occasions when I DO use emotion, I say so.

In the matter of Islam and homosexuality – I have worked and lived amongst them. I KNOW that some are otherwise nice folks. The problem is they have been brainwashed by a society riddled with evil. A few I have had empathy with, knowing their circumstances – like the young homosexual who became so after his parents threw him onto the streets and he was forced to sleep in dumpsters and under hedges, only to be ‘befriended’ by homosexual predators. I felt compelled to help him in a number of ways. He is only one of a number I have helped, including the son of a pastor who is now a pastor himself.

BUT, I cannot allow circumstances to determine what I write. I must write whatever God demands of me, on ALL subjects. Regardless of how and why people become homosexual, I must declare God’s judgment on the sin. I have helped a large number of homosexuals, and this is something I do not share because their cases are not for open debate. I do not hate them, but I absolutely loathe what they do.

So, to say I ‘hate’ the individuals is ludicrous.

With Islam, too, I have come across many who are otherwise decent and law-abiding, with a lovely disposition. Again, this must never stop me from telling the truth about their pseudo-religion! I have said before, that when I was a younger teenager, before I was saved, I thought it great fun to harm others with sarcasm. Until the day my mother took me aside and said “Son, I love you but I hate what you do”. She explained that sarcasm really is the lowest form of wit... and I stopped using it from that day on. It is how I see Muslims.

However, with Muslims there are big differences. A major problem is one that did not really show itself until about ten years ago – taqiyya and murder. As the death toll around the world rises exponentially, I cannot but highlight the horrors of Islam. And this must include warnings against Muslims, even if they are currently moderate and quiet. I have explained all this many times with persuasive arguments and facts.

BUT – I don’t hate Muslims!!

Much of my approach is along academic lines, though I try to write without technical words. I am able, because of academic training, to present a tough argument without once relying on my emotions, and I ask readers to understand this.