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Dear Partner in the Gospel,Pope Benedict XVI in Pope-mobile

Prayer is needed for the prepared protest and witnessing during the Pope’s UK visit that begins September 16th. The Evangelical preparations in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, and Birmingham are most encouraging.

On Friday 17th there will be the unprecedented occasion when the Pope in a civil capacity, will address both houses of the UK Parliament.

There will be world media coverage; and we need deep prayer, that the Evangelical presence with the true Gospel will have a great impact in the media, and most of all in the salvation of a large number of souls.

In Edinburgh and Glasgow, London and Birmingham the stalwarts will be equipped with many thousands of our tracts, “Are You Right with God?” and “What Every Catholic Should Know.” Both of these tracts have been specially published and printed in London for these events.

The organizers have asked for earnest and fervent prayer before and throughout the witnessing that is about to take place. Please let us be faithful to do this, remembering, the Lord’s Word, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

With you in prayer as we trust in Lord’s grace for an effective outpouring of His Holy Spirit.

Richard Bennett
16 September 2010

Additional Information

Here are some details for those attending the Papal Protest events and also a final appeal to those:

  • who may still not be coming to a Papal visit event
  • those coming who have not yet registered
  • those intending to do a witness of their own.

The Christian Institute has useful downloads about the law on Public Evangelism and 'Tracting'.