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This is proof of severe sin amongst those groups called 'Christian churches'.( 11 September 2014)

How should we approach this issue?

The answer is simple, needs no further discussion, and is biblical...

1. If homosexual sin (male or female) is openly found in a member, he or she must be counselled.

2. Initially, this counselling is private – it can be done by anyone mature enough who knows their Bible.

3. The essential component is NOT 'love', but a regard for God's commands. That is, we must judge, but not be judgmental. The first is godly, the second is sinful.

4. The person MUST be warned to stop their sin, get away from ALL homosexual features and people, and to turn away from the lifestyle. They must stop immediately.

5. This warning may be repeated another one time in the presence of a few elders or mature Christians, whose presence is required as a sign of the seriousness of the situation.

6. If a third warning is required, it should be made public before the whole assembled local church.

7. If there is still no repentance, then the homosexual must be cast out of fellowship and shunned by the whole local church. This shunning MUST remain until and if the homosexual person repents and changes.

During this shunning individuals called to do so may pray for the person to repent.

8. If he or she professes their sin, then the whole church must observe the changes, if any. If changes are observed, the church must help the person to overcome future temptations.

9. If there are no changes and evidence of further refusal to cooperate with God's word, then the shunning must remain, even if it lasts the person's whole lifetime.

10. The above is a strict requirement. At no time should Christians discuss the pros and cons of homosexuality...

This is because the damnation of souls who reject God's warnings is eternal, and such a sin is not just 'another sin' – scripture shows it to be grave and severe, deserving of death and hell. Therefore, the homosexual (male or female) MUST COMPLY with God's word, immediately and permanently. If they do not, they have no place in a local church and cannot hold office or be trusted with youngsters.

The above is a 'given' by God. There can be no compromise and no fellowship with those who claim to be homosexual. Note that 'homosexuality' is at the worst end of sin, and is comprised not just of sexual evils, but many other evils despised by God. These evils corrupt a local church that does not get rid of the influence.

Christians may not show 'love' (whatever they mean by that term, which is badly abused nowadays) to homosexuals nor allow them to remain in their midst. We may show compassion to them if they show a willingness to learn or change, but the compassion does not extend itself to those who refuse to repent. This is because God literally hates them, and we cannot love what God hates! Simple as that. We may only 'love' them if they are saved and they repent and change.

If an homosexual is unsaved, then he has no place in the local church anyway and cannot be a member or hold any office at all. Apart from giving him or her the Gospel, there is no other requirement on our part to advise him or her... especially if they reject the Gospel. The unsaved homosexual who rejects truth and the Gospel may not remain in the midst of the local church, because they would corrupt it.

The same strictures apply to ANYONE who displays ANY gross sinfulness.