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Brussels rocked in the blasts of two bombs. With deaths.

Guess who did it?

Just in case it is a complete surprise – Muslims.

David Cameron said he was “shocked”. Eh???

It is what has been promised by wicked terrorists.

Much more is to come. But Cameron and the EU are downplaying it all for fear of a backlash against refugees... the very people whose number wants to kill us!! GET REAL.

This is another reason why ALL recent Muslim ‘refugees’ must be deported, from every EU country. Otherwise, many more will die.

As I commented recently, the police KNOW most of the people responsible, but they are merely surveilling them!!!

Didn’t do much of a job this time, eh?

If they are known to have doubtful backgrounds, just get rid of them. This should be easy for Europe, which operates under Roman law (guilty until proven innocent)!! But, Angela Merkel rules the dirty chicken shed so nothing happens.

One more reason to get out of the EU... for countless reasons.

MORE IS TO COME. Get real about so-called ‘refugees’!

(See my two recent articles on ‘refugees and asylum seekers’ and one on an examination of the Islamic claim that ‘the West’ is responsible for the rise of terrorism. The facts don’t stack up!)