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When my wife worked on a women’s ward in hospital she witnessed something called ‘commando’ genital surgery. It involved massive removal of parts due to cancer.

Muslim men do the same kind of thing but for no real reason. Certainly not for cancer.

The problem is not the young girls, for they must obey the men. Nor is the problem with the grown women, who would probably be killed if they spoke up.

The problem is with those vile Muslim fathers who force unnecessary and barbaric operations on their daughters, merely to satisfy the inordinate and foul desires of Muslim males.

They claim that Muslim females MUST not cause sexual frustration and desire in Muslim
males. This is why they dress females in black bin bags, or make them cover their heads in hijabs (a sign of submission), and why they cut off the female parts used in normal sexual activity. But, males may act as they wish, dress as they wish, and rape any female they want to.

The problem is NOT with the females, but with males who pathetically reject any form of morality and self-restraint. Even when clad in a bin bag and having mutilated genitals, Muslim women are easy game for wicked Muslim males So, FGM is NOT ‘cultural’ – it is just gross abuse and bodily harm. This is what to expect from pagans.

The female police Inspector in charge of making a case against those who perform FGM in the UK said that in the 30 years that FGM has been illegal, at least about 200,000 females have been subjected to this form of serious assault... but no case has been successfully tried in court!!!

It seems to me that judges need to have their instructions modified so that smug defiant Muslims are properly arrested and convicted.

Another problem is that Somalians and other Muslims try to intimidate police over this matter... as they do with everything that opposes their evil Islamic ways. And, the police try to soothe Muslims who think they are being targeted!!! OF COURSE THEY ARE TARGETTED AND PROFILED!!

Who else performs FGM on females? Nobody! It is right and proper to profile and target Muslims over this vile activity. It is about time police were upfront on this. And until Muslims stop this wicked crime they MUST be profiled. If necessary remove ALL young females from Muslim families, or somehow investigate EVERY Muslim young female to see if they have been mauled by male Muslims!!

Then, charge the male parent either with assault or assisting in assault. EVERY TIME! FGM would then fade away.

But, of course, this would take political guts... and British government has none.

Meanwhile frightened girls are handed over by parents for FGM.

If a white man in the West beats up or attacks a female with a weapon, he is promptly arrested and tried.

But, not so with FGM. Forget a backlash – arrest the father of these girls, because he has either damaged his daughter himself or handed her over to another male/female who will do the damage.

This is why police must arrest the father in EVERY case, no matter who does the damage. It wouldn’t take much to put this into legislation. We might have to tolerate Islam for now, but there is no reason to tolerate its vile crimes.