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Another two westerners killed by a Muslim, this time in Copenhagen. (The Telegraph, 15 February 2015)

It is a foretaste of things to come. (The Telegraph, 15 February 2015)

Muslim killers murder people in the name of a false god, Allah.

The falseness of their 'god' is not the real issue, for false gods have been worshiped for millennia. The true God will deal with them.

But, when Muslims cause harm to others, they must be dealt with through courts, police and the military. I believe Muslim terrorists (ALL terrorists) should be shot on sight and no publicity given. This is because they are psychopathic and will attack again. They have waged war against people for no reason.

These Islamists, then, must come under the law with strictness.

So-called 'moderate' Muslims are only as moderate as present Islamic numbers. When we reach the tipping point, many more will bring about the destruction of westerners. They are undermining freedoms and free speech, and so these must be dealt with by law (when they breach it) and by social condemnation.

If they are quiet and agreeable they must prove their acceptance of western values (NOT including homosexuality!) and not preach hatred for Christians or any other group. The Islamic population should not be allowed to grow larger by immigration, nor be given special privileges.

That is about it..