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The theological contortions of the lofty Anglican hierarchy signatories (letter to The Times April 21), to justify the embracing, and cause for rejoicing in the Christian Church of same sex marriage, is breathtaking in its perversity.

Do they believe in God?

Do they know the difference between sin and righteousness?

Do they accept that homosexuality is a sin (an offence against God’s Law) and is declared an abomination in the Bible?

Do they think a Christian should obey the teachings of Jesus Christ, which, as a reminder, are found in the Bible, as a sign of their love for Him?

How can they have the audacity to call themselves Christians when they proudly reject God’s doctrine and publicly blaspheme God by stating that homosexuality is a “recognition of God’s grace at work in same-sex partnerships” and to liken homosexual relationships to “God’s covenanted love and commitment between God and his Church”?

Now is the time for Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who has nothing to lose, to expel from the Church these wolves in sheep’s clothing, with their toxic fruit and perverse speech, which Jesus Christ and the apostles warned would come to lead people astray.

Letting them stay is to openly acquiesce to their perverse statements.

Dr James B Waddell