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It is farcical... a Muslim father yelled into a radio microphone that jailing his daughter for going to Syria to join ISIS is an act of ‘Islamophobia’!!

No – it is punishment for supporting a group that openly threatens western people and kills them! There is no way of knowing if the girl joined in with murders, but she is certainly guilty by association. (The name of the woman does not matter – what matters is the principle). (BBC News, 1 February 2016)

And let’s be straight here – during WW2 Germans in Britain were incarcerated JUST IN CASE they decided to join the Nazis, or could be fifth-column collaborators. EXACTLY the same situation we now find ourselves in!!

Yet, screaming Muslims who openly threaten murder are left to get on with it, though their murderous friends in Syria, etc., are literally committing genocide!!

ISIS has declared war on the West. That is enough! It is reasonable to ask UK leaders why Muslims are not similarly incarcerated... at least those known to call for murder, disobedience against law, and support for genocide and ISIS. They yell hatred into TV cameras... but police do nothing.

Will incarceration come? No, though it should! The police can’t say they don’t know who these wicked people are. All they do is have them under surveillance. They are murderers-in-waiting, but nothing is done!!

This is what happened in Belgium... and those under surveillance went to Paris for a killing spree. If they were arrested as soon as they started their evil support for ISIS, people might be alive today! Someone had better start thinking clearly, and fast – every day more radical Muslims join those already here, being named ‘refugees’ though they yell hatred and cause criminal mayhem.

I am not calling for hatred... just common-sense legal restraint of those who openly hate us. I can assure readers that if the law does nothing, we will see the emergence of vigilante groups, as has happened in various EU countries already. It WILL happen, because this is what always happens when people are pushed into a corner and wicked men rule them. Christians should be prepared for that time, mentally, physically and spiritually. Part of this is to realise that defending yourself and your family against killers is not ‘unchristian’!!