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Climate Change
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It happens all the time – when big groups decide something is so, they will keep up the pretence no matter how wrong they are. This is especially true of greens. The whole scam MUST be kept going, because greens don’t want to admit they are fraudulent, and don’t want others to think they are liars.

But, these things have a way of twisting their heads to bite liars in their fat-cat hinder parts.

Insuring Against Assurances

Since the news of ‘Climategate’ came out prior to the Copenhagen Summit, insurance companies have had serious doubts about any claims made by greens. A major industry leader has warned companies that it is “exceedingly risky” to rely on green pronouncements about the supposed science of global warming. In particular the fake science that blames humans. (New York Times, 13th January 2010). In this way the integrity of researchers is put in doubt.

The warning comes prior to a May date for all insurance companies to comply with pro-warming policies, which are about to strangle them, because insurers must comply with the fraudulence. Obviously, this will mean even higher costs for insurance policies and a danger of companies being sued if they get it wrong. Note also my previous comments about the hidden trading in warming data led by the head of the IPCC.

A spokesman for the industry said “There really is no room, as I see it, for any sort of legitimate dissent.” That is, no matter how fraudulent the figures are, insurance companies must comply with them! From this we know the profit margins must be substantial for those higher up the chain.

I also suggested that greens will make vast amounts from making fake predictions on climate and temperature (as they already do). It seems my assumption was correct, because it is now voiced by the insurance industry itself. The spokesman said that figures “could be exploited by environmentalists”. You don’t say!

This concern is based on the East Anglia University email scandal that everyone is trying to mute or make go away. At least someone is taking notes! The insurance industry has a lot to lose if anyone discovers its policies are driven by fraud. The potential pay-outs in recompense could ruin many companies. And if even more comes out to question the validity of green claims, well, there won’t be enough eggs to go around to put on company faces! After all, we told you so! We can only hope this is just part of a giant Mexico-wave of dissent.

Something to Bite On

Another post-Summit news item is that scientists are so intent on maintaining their lies, they are saying that warming will drive mosquitoes up to higher ground, making millions more people in Kenya prey to malaria. However, “simple analysis shows that the claims of the green press are almost entirely without foundation.” (The Guardian, 13th January). In reality, it was greens who caused millions to die in the first place, by getting DDT banned, though it was very effective in stopping many malaria cases. (There are caveats, but the point is that greens wanted it banned for the earth’s sake – dying people didn’t matter to them).

The ‘authority’ behind the mosquito menace warning comes from the UK’s Department for International Development. It is in Brown’s interest to keep pushing green stuff, because his own survival depends on it, as well as Blair’s and the EU’s financial betterment. Of course, the sycophantic media in the UK covered it as fact. Benny Peiser, in his university-based CCNet-News (14th January 2010), said “The battle against the severe threat (Ed so-called) from climate change is impeded, not helped, by government departments issuing alarmist and exaggerated alerts based on poor science.”

The UK government is already being investigated by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority because of its outrageous ads on climate change. But, the government has changed tack, by producing ads with modified wording, in the hope of avoiding conflict (with the truth). The newer ads are still outrageous and still claim humans are at fault for mythical climate change.

The fact that malaria-spread depends on far more than simple warming does not stop governments making fraudulent claims. They leave out the other elements involved, such as stagnant water, so that people concentrate only on supposed warming caused by humans. They also forget to say that when Britain entered a warmer phase after the ‘little ice age’, incidents of malaria went down, not up! The government statement also deliberately mis-uses (abuses) the research data in order to make the situation appear worse.

See – No Sea!

Another interesting fact is that the UK’s Met (Meteorology) Office, itself a culprit in spreading fakery about warming, says that it ‘denounces’ new claims made at Copenhagen that sea levels will rise by six feet by 2100, because of warming. (The Sunday Times, 10th January). This is interesting because both the Times and the Met Office are known advocates of global warming. I think it is obvious they are back-tracking a bit to save embarrassment in the face of growing opposition to the warming brigade.

Many seem to forget that a UK court examined the claims of opposing scientists a few years ago and the scientists admitted that such a rise in sea level was “impossible”. Yet, this stupidly unscientific idea is set to appear in the next IPCC Report!! The IPCC has no shame, nor will it allow its own frauds to get in the way of a good story.

The Met Office said “Such a big rise by 2100 is incredibly unlikely. The mathematical approach used to calculate the rise is simplistic and unsatisfactory.” How many more of these frauds and errors are needed before the whole climate thing collapses. Sadly, many more – it will keep on rolling until governments get their power and Gore and pals get their money. Also, critics have said that the professor (Rahmsorf, Potsdam University) who made the sea-rise claim was “very good at bringing out extreme papers just before conferences like Copenhagen (just to produce headlines).”

This is similar to the scare made about polar bears dying out, when, in fact, they are increasing rapidly in numbers. There are now so many that bears are strolling further south in Canada and mating with forest brown bears! However, this is not in the interests of the World Wildlife Federation, or any other greeny. They want us to think everything is dying (except, unfortunately, their own ridiculous myths), so they must keep saying it even when polar bears get all the lower-paid jobs white men don’t want, and drop in at your BBQ to snaffle your sausages.

Antarctic Popsicles Remain Safe

And what of that fast-melting Antarctic ice? It seems it is not melting at all! Fears of a thaw, another thing hinted at during the Summit, is not happening. The fear (or can we call it deliberate distortion of the facts?) was that warming was causing a rise in temperature under the enormous ice shelves, making them melt. But, tests show the waters are almost at freezing, and nothing has changed! (Ole Anders Noest, Norwegian Polar Institute, quoted by Reuters, 11th January 2010).

If all the Antarctic ice melted, it would raise sea levels by 187 feet. That is as useful as saying if the sun moved towards the earth more than a mile or two, everything would be incinerated. It is just as useful because it is just theory and not a real possibility. And, even if it happened, so what? Mankind would be unable to stop it anyway. But, greenies like to spread fear - so they say what could happen if this or that happened…which is hardly a scientific argument! Of course, the fears are stoked to boiling point by irresponsible scientists who must keep their hot, sticky hands on funding. They are willing to lie and cheat to get it, so a melting Antarctica is a great story they must perpetuate.

Obama – No Real Change, Just Words

But, maybe one of the most interesting statements to come after Copenhagen is by Obama’s administration. They are calling for a diminished role for the UN in climate change operations, since the UN’s show, the Copenhagen debacle, degenerated into farce at the Summit. (The Guardian, 14th January). This is not so remarkable, though, for a number of reasons (and it has been mooted before). The UN runs the IPCC, and between them they have a huge role in today’s green movement, coming power struggles, and immense cash incentives for a few.

It is my opinion that Obama is simply trying to keep his feet in both camps, just in case he has to cut and run. He can’t run too far from the UN because of promises he made to it, and his commitment to taxing the USA on the UN’s behalf. So, this is just sabre-rattling. Even if it appears the UN takes a lesser role, its effect will remain enormous, because the UN has its eye on world rule. I see this as a brief set-back… the UN will and must get its way at some time, whether we like it or not, because it has been building to its grand Red finale since the end of the Second World War.

It is said that the Summit meant the end of climate hysteria (CCNet-2/10). This may be so, but the nitty-gritty truth is that it was never about climate anyway, but about governments getting inordinate socialist power and financiers getting vast sums of money for nothing. In between are you and me, getting poorer by the minute and oppressed to boot. That is why, though climate theories are dead, they will continue to be used to give governments what they want.

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