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Climate Change
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Just a few weeks ago it was proved that the IPCC lied about Himalayan glaciers. Now we have lies about Amazonian rainforests! Or, as the title in a Cornwall Alliance report (29th January) says: “Another Bogus Claim by IPCC”.

We want these facts to keep on coming… and, if possible, be even bigger, so that the IPCC sinks without trace (which is more than can be said for the islands in the Pacific supposedly sinking below extraordinary sea levels! The sea level rises created by IPCC personnel fraudulently moving decimal points).

The Claim

The 2007 IPCC Report said that up to 40% of the Amazonian forests could (note the unscientific ‘could’) react drastically even if any change were very small, such as less rain. That was a very big claim to make… but it came back to bite them. It never rains but it pours, eh?

The Truth

Here is the problem (and it doesn’t get much bigger): like the Himalayan glacier report, this one, too, was not peer-reviewed, nor was it the result of carefully monitored scientific research! Yes – yet another fake report!

Once again, the greeny faker, the World Wildlife Fund was behind it… it was just a scaremongering report meant to drive governmental efforts. That is what Al Gore’s entire message consists of, so we should not be surprised. The WWF was joined in its subterfuge by another greeny advocate group, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The authors of the Report are not scientific experts on the Amazonian rainforests!

The authors of the bogus IPCC Report are “Rowell and Moore”. Moore is a political analyst. Rowell is a green activist, with strong links to extreme greenies. There is nothing wrong with not being physical scientists – so long as writers don’t pretend to be. Even now, few people know that only about 50 contributors to the 2007 Report were scientists.

To make matters worse, the source of Moore’s and Rowell’s information came from an article in Nature, April 1999, that spoke of fires caused by logging and mankind – it had nothing at all to do with global warming! And, even worse, the article did not apply itself to the whole of the Amazon, but only to those small parts affected by logging.

This is why Richard North and Christopher Booker, after analysing the bogus ‘research’ in the 2007 Report, concluded, “The IPCC claim is a fabrication, unsupported even by the reference it gives, which it should not in any event have used, as it is not a primary source.” Oh dear, the poor IPCC has been knocked down again. As I recently asked, how many more Climategates must there be before the IPCC collapses, or is kicked out of the stadium? The audacity of the IPCC and greenies is not just worthy of ridicule – it is stupidly fraudulent. They keep on going no matter how fraudulent their claims are.

This latest exposure is not just an error, it is a mighty big fraud. As North points out: “The significance of this cannot be understated. Together with polar bears and melting ice-caps, and melting glaciers, the Amazon rain-forests are iconic symbols for the climate change industry.” Greenies have used them relentlessly in ads and articles and in government propaganda. Yet, they are proven to be fakes, frauds of the highest order. Even now, the WWF pleads for us to help the polar bears, though their population is growing rapidly.

Amazon Not Always Forest

The number of errors and deliberate frauds is also increasing rapidly. How many know that excavations in the Amazon show that the whole area that is now heavily forested was not always so? An unknown race cultivated hundreds of square miles, using sophisticated techniques. There were at that time very few heavily forested areas! So, the Amazon is not so vital after all. (Can’t remember the source – it was on TV)

Another claim based on the deforestation idea is that species will be wiped out as forests shrink. Well, it seems (as above) that the Amazon forest came about after highly populated cities and agricultural areas were disbanded – they are not as ‘natural’ as one might think; they are more in the order of an overgrown garden! That means any species that were there at the time have increased not because the forests are normal, but because they are not. Also, it has been shown lately that no species have died out – they just adapt to the smaller area they live in. But, greenies don’t tell you that. Probably they don’t even know it themselves.

Maybe this is why some folks, like Sen. Lisa Murkowski of the senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, now want a reversal of the EPA’s ‘endangerment’ finding – that CO2 and greenhouse gases are harmful. The trouble is she needs 41 Senate Republicans to vote for her amendment. It is a trouble because too few Republicans actually believe in their corner anymore, because they want to get on the greeny gravy-train, too. Nevertheless, it is another crack in the ice. We can only hope it cracks wider and greenies all fall into the drink. Add to this the decision by banks to pull out of CO2 investments and folks like me are clapping with glee!

Growing Murmurs

According to a Pew Poll (Jan 25th), top priority of Americans is the economy (83%); lowest, at the very bottom of the pile, comes global warming (28% rate it as a ‘top priority’). Each new Climategate takes us closer to the collapse of fakery and frauds. With the latest revelation about the Amazon, we can expect Gore to frantically issue new claims reassuring the faithful that everyone else is lying. But how much longer can he keep the world on tenterhooks, with a pretend monster? Whenever anyone examines each and every claim made by the IPCC, it turns out to be a crude drawing on the back of an envelope. Gore drew his on the back of flimsy toilet paper… let’s unravel the whole roll and throw it where it belongs – down the toilet.

As Agent Mulder said in the X Files: “The truth is out there”. Keep watching this space! And if you want to at last get onto the winning side, let me know if you are a whistleblower who wants to give us more information. Remember – it is all coming apart anyway, so why not help us to pin down the elusive liars?

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