Unnamed glacier with peak 5977 in background. Ngozumpa valley, Everest region, Himalayas, Nepal. Photo taken on: April 11th, 2009. © Alexander Zotov | Dreamstime.com

Climate Change
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One of the key statements in the infamous 2007 IPCC Report, was that the Himalayan glaciers would all melt away by 2035, “if the earth keeps warming at the current rate”. As the current rate is negligible, it is like trying to melt iron ore with a candle held at arm’s length.

The IPCC said the claim was based on a WWF study, and that the likelihood of the glaciers melting was “very high” – in other words “90% probable”!

The Report claimed that the glaciers were receding faster than in any other part of the world.

Here’s the truth – it was nothing but hot air!

There was no ‘study’ and no ‘research’. The ideas came from an Indian magazine. A journalist, Fred Pearce, saw the article and telephoned the author, Dr Syed Hasnain, who told him the article was based on speculation, and had no formal research behind it. Yet, this 1999 telephone conversation about a non-existent research made it into New Scientist (not known for its total obedience to scientific proofs). From there it got into the 2007 Report, without challenge. (The Telegraph, 17th January 2010). This happened not because it was science but because it said what the IPCC wanted to hear.

Glaciologists ridiculed the idea, saying the obvious – the glaciers are so thick it would take a massive temperature rise to even begin melting! Meanwhile, rate of melt is normal, if not slower than normal. I knew this before the 2007 Report was published, because responsible scientists published real research reports. But, the IPCC is so political with its own agenda of propaganda, it published a non-existent research paper, ignoring the large file of actual studies saying the opposite!

The Nail That is Ignored

This is yet another nail in the IPCC’s coffin. It should also be a nail in the coffin of climate change nonsense – but it won’t be! Over the past several years, people have shown a real determination to listen to the IPCC, to Obama, and others, with a seemingly trance-like obedience. The emergence of facts like this make no difference to them and they have no idea that all these claims, scientific and political, are linked.

And, as we now know, when fraud has been discovered on a wide scale, those with the agenda simply say it makes no difference to the end result!! That is, incredibly, the actual facts are irrelevant, because the conclusions have already been decided upon (which is what happened at Copenhagen – the Summit was irrelevant).

This, of course, is a logical and intellectual absurdity. A similar blindness seems to attack those who read the material on Obama’s EOs – they can’t see beyond the present, even though Obama is driving the USA to the brink of oblivion! That’s how Marxism and Fascism work their magic… through mesmerized folks who prefer to see through rose coloured spectacles.

The IPCC now says it will remove the ‘study’ from its Report, but, in itself, this is not acceptable. There was no study, yet it was included as a major contribution in the world’s supposedly leading climate reporting unit, the IPCC. It affected the way ensuing reports were worded, and helped to formulate green policies that will ruin the USA and the world.

The idea that the sea will rise fast was also gently removed from the IPCC Report, because an IPCC ‘editor’ deliberately moved decimal points the wrong way! The only reason it was removed was that someone had found them out, not because it was fraud. But the myth still circulates! It seems it takes public knowledge to get things changed! But even when this kind of news should be an humiliation for well-shod scientists, it is just brushed aside as ‘error’.

There are plenty of similar ‘errors’ in the 2007 Report, and I documented them in my three books on the subject. They are common knowledge. Yet, they persist in spreading, because the IPCC will not admit it’s agenda is political and scientifically inaccurate. How many more ‘errors’ must emerge before people take notice and stop the green movement in its tracks!!

Not ‘Blunder’ – Fraud!

The Sunday Times (17th January) also refers to the matter as a ‘blunder’, but it is more serious than that – it is deliberate lying. No genuine scientist will go along with a telephone conversation and make it a major scientific ‘fact’, without a shred of evidence! Which is why the Daily Mail says it is a major blow to the credibility of the IPCC.

Green propaganda has taken the place of truth and facts. Many who contact me to oppose my views, trot out the usual green propaganda – I know it is propaganda because I have read it so many times before, and know who started it! Yet, these misled folks continue to support the IPCC and greens. They openly say the ‘errors’ don’t matter (a propaganda claim made after Climategate). After all, they say, only a few scientists were fraudulent, and this cannot alter conclusions! Eh? They are repeating propaganda, word for word. If just one part of a mathematical equation is wrong, the whole of it is wrong! Same goes for scientific claims… if the major thesis is wrong, then the whole theory is wrong.

Dr Benny Peiser, writing in the Daily Mail (18th Jan) said:

“The IPCC review process has been shown on numerous occasions to lack transparency and due diligence. Its work is controlled by a tightly-knit group of individuals who are completely convinced they are right. As a result, conflicting data and evidence, even if published in peer-reviewed journals, are regularly ignored, while exaggerated claims, even if contentious or not peer-reviewed, are often highlighted in IPCC Reports. Not surprisingly, the IPCC has lost a lot of credibility in recent years. It is also losing the trust of more and more governments, who are no longer following their advice – as the Copenhagen Summit showed.” (Quoted from CCNet-News).

To be fair, several IPCC contributing scientists told me that the IPCC changed their contributions. They have expressed immense anger – but the myths continue. The truth is, the IPCC is paid for by governments who want total control over the people. They have been using the IPCC, and abusive science, to support their titanic Al Capone-style activities to bring in socialist regimes. If they are not following the IPCC lead it can only be because they have moved on sufficiently to get along without it. And, as they blatantly admitted when Climategate occurred: the many frauds do not matter – what matters are the conclusions.

We are now in the age of stupidity and propaganda, where truth does not count. What really matters are the political aims. In this way the world is going down the plug-hole, gurgling with delight at being duped. What’s next – the burning of books that don’t fit the prevailing dogma?

© 18th January 2010

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