Climate Change
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Dear Sir/Madam
I am compelled to write to the Committee on Climate Change as you have recently published your “Land Use: Policies for a Net Zero UK”, which, if implemented, will have a profound impact on agriculture in the UK and on consumer choice and consumption of agricultural products.
In fact, taken to its logical conclusion all animal life on planet earth should end; then there can be no carbon emissions. What insanity is this that is driving government policy?
The whole premise of your mission, and indeed government policy, is that climate change is driven by man-made CO2 emissions and other natural processes that create so called greenhouse gasses.
There has been no proper debate in the media, indeed it is openly reported that the BBC is systemically biased towards pushing the man-made climate change alarmist agenda – cheer led by anthropologist David Attenborough and a 16 year old Swedish school girl echoing the voice of her cultist puppet masters.
CO2 is a natural gas essential for life on this planet, that has been demonised and used as an ideological driver to completely change society and advanced anti-capitalist and green new-age religious type ideologies that are ultimately aimed at depopulating the earth and reverting back to some utopic pre-industrial existence.
There has been no proper public debate, like with Brexit, on the scientific evidence, the verity of the data, its interpretation, and assumptions, under-pinning the science and numerical models or an exposé of the ideologies and political forces behind the man-made climate change movement.
The movement is a religion, where advocates, with a so-called scientific background, are cited as authoritative prophets of truth, and deniers no matter how eminently qualified, are considered or positioned as freaks or weirdos. No debate, just accept the hot-air doctrine of man-made climate change, because these ‘learned’ institutions say so.
Government policy is meant to be developed using the core ethical values of the Civil Service: Honesty, Integrity, Impartiality and Objectivity. Yet government policy is again been driven by politically motivated ideologies and evidence is being created literally to fit the premises.
I call on you to properly open the debate on man-made Climate change and stop policies based on this new religion that does not allow criticism or scrutiny.
Yours faithfully

James B Waddell PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)