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Cartoon image of crocodile with tearsSince just before Copenhagen, the climate fiasco has gone bananas. As any observer would predict, the sycophants and followers were bound to stick to their guns and say everything was okay. But, fraud after fraud has come to light, and more are going to follow, as investigators pick over every contribution to the IPCC 2007 Report.

Phil Jones’ Crocodile Tears

So, Phil Jones now plays the sympathy card, by saying he was thinking of suicide. He said he knows nothing of PR and the politics of his science. (timesonline, 7th Feb). Professors I have known are the most formidable of political animals, the savviest spin-doctors in the working world!

Back in the 1980s, my own academic career was ruined by several professors, because my research was not liked by their fund-givers – it was better to obliterate my future, than to allow my research to stand. Not only do you take your life in your hands when opposing the tenured professor, but you WILL lose your job! This is because he will fight for his salary first and his department’s funding second (because one relies on the other), even if it is based on fakery. (Just for those who will shout “Not all professors are like that”… I know – many are genuine academics).

Unfortunately for me, all the professors I knew were adept at manipulating data to suit their own ends, particularly their own pockets. They know how to play tunes with PR. So, please, Prof Jones, stop using PR to say you don’t know anything about PR!

Until (and if) he loses his job at East Anglia University, he is on full pay. In reality he ought to lose his job and his plentiful pension, because of the trouble he has created and the financial hardships he has already caused to ordinary mortals not on a professor’s huge salary.

In answer to realists’ complaint that the CRU wreaks havoc, the IPCC retorts that the CRU was only one of many sources they used for their reports. The truth is, the CRU is listed as one of three top three sources. So much for the IPCC come-back!

Reason Why the BBC is Pro-Warming

The BBC has stuck resolutely to upholding climate change fraud by refusing to report on opposing arguments, giving the impression that only climateers are right. The BBC continually gives time to climate change adherents, but none to those who are climate realists. Or, if realists are included in any report, the BBC makes very sure it is countered with smart-alec responses that give no response time to the ones being pilloried. Now we know why…

“Striking parallels between the BBC’s coverage of the global warming debate and the activities of its pension fund can be revealed today. The £8 billion pension fund is likely to come under close scrutiny over its commitment to promote a low-carbon economy while struggling to reverse its estimated £2 billion deficit.” (Sunday Express, 7th Feb).

One has to ask the obvious question – is the BBC in financial collusion with the pension fund suppliers? That is, is the BBC deliberately fostering a false picture of climate change so as to cover its own finances?

The BBC’s pension scheme is managed by the IIGCC. That is, the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change! So, to report properly on realist claims, the BBC would have to pull out of its pension scheme, losing billions! Hey presto – the BBC only preaches climate change by CO2.

The IIGCC is a forum for collaboration on climate change, and its main objective is a low-carbon future (even though there is no reason for it; low-carbon means employing fascist techniques to the economy and stinging the public for all they can be stung for). The idea of the forum is to manipulate data and persuade governments, companies, policymakers and investors to swing their money to low-carbon schemes. As the BBC has global influence in news, it has abused its position by majoring on CO2 and climate change, but in favour of climateers. They literally banned any balanced reporting.

Members of the pension fund include 50 of the biggest-hitters in pension funds and asset management. Its assets are over 4 trillion Euro! The pensions of all BBC employees (including its fat cats at the top) depend on everyone accepting green policies, and that is the very simple reason why the BBC does not report the whole story on climate. As one investigative U.S. journalist and congressmen said: “Just follow the money”! (Go to for details of the organisation).

Not surprisingly, even religious folks are glad to be duped by climateering, including the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the Roman Catholic diocese of Portsmouth, and the United Reformed Church. The government angle is also represented - departments such as the Environment Agency and several London borough councils, plus universities, so government is hardly likely to pull out from its own lies.

Met Office Hiding Truth

The British Meteorological Office is just as bad as the CRU. It was accused today (Sunday Mail, 7th Feb) of “blocking public scrutiny of the central role played by its top climate scientist in a highly controversial report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

In the same article, Dr Benny Peiser, said: “It is of critical importance that data such as this should be open. More importantly, the questions being raised about the hockey stick mean that we may have to reassess the climate history of the past 2000 years. The attempt to make the medieval warm period disappear is being seriously weakened, and the claim that now is the warmest time for 1300 years is no longer based on reliable evidence.”

Connected with this issue of transparency, Phil Jones of the CRU, as part of his supposed defence, said that the reason he did not pass on required information to recent enquirers, was that (in his estimation) they were all ‘out to get him’ and there was a ‘concerted effort to discredit his work’.

Firstly, he can only blame himself if they were ‘out to get him’. Secondly, they could not ‘get him’ if his work was honest and open! Thirdly, this is just hot air, because his CRU did not hand out information to anyone, let alone recent critics. And, science is fed by criticism, so what is he moaning about it? The only reason is that his work is not acceptable and the data would have proved it… you know, the data that has, er, somehow disappeared.

The fourth thing, is that the fraudulence of climateers has drastically altered whole countries, by increasing taxation to abominable levels; silencing proper academic discussion; hiking-up energy prices without reason, so that ordinary people can’t afford to be warm; and destroying freedoms. These are the direct fault of Jones and his pro-green colleagues. Therefore, everyone in the world has the right to demand his data!

The Big Turn-Around

Just last year I thought the greenies would get away with it. But, they haven’t, thanks to that brave individual who started the big turn-around by putting incriminating emails on the internet. Were they hacked? Maybe. It has been suggested maybe a member of the CRU gave the information to a website, because they were sick of what it was doing in the name of science.

Who cares? I don’t - I am just glad it all came out, because it started an avalanche I hope will not be stopped until it has crushed all fakery in its path. As I have said in my book, liars can say whatever they like; what I loathe is being forced to comply with fraud with my freedom, money and time.

Now another analytical scientist has said “Global warming is set to become global cooling this century.” (Daily Express, 8th Feb). Prof Michael Beenstock bluntly says “theories of climate change are wrong.” He warned that climatologists have “misused statistics, leading them to the mistaken conclusion global warming is evidence of the greenhouse effect.” Though this is what people like myself have said for several years, it is good to see scientists turning against the fake science at last.

Even better, Prof Beenstock said ‘The link between rising greenhouse gas emissions and rising temperatures is “spurious”…’ and “The greenhouse effect is an illusion.” Others, including some who contributed to the 2007 IPCC report, say that there are no greenhouse effects because there is no ‘greenhouse’!

As the professor said, “Just because greenhouse gases and temperatures have risen together does not mean they are linked.” This is the real point, because if there is no link (and none has been found, despite avid claims), there is no valid reason to penalise people for emitting CO2, or for taxing them because of an unproven link!

And while everyone in the UK waits for government to make its own turnaround, the people have to put up with extortion for using gas and electricity. A major gas supplier, British Gas, is currently running TV ads boasting that it will cut bills by about £50 a year for the average family. In late 2008 my combined gas and electricity bill was just over £80 for a quarter (three months). The bill after that, in March 2009, was s staggering £600! And it has kept rising. Thus, the new ‘saving’ will be equal to about £12 a quarter, against a cost of £600… probably closer to £800 next month, given the sub-zero temperatures in the UK. PR does not work when families cannot afford heating!

More Revelations Coming

I’ve got this ‘thing’ about watching movies with a strong ‘comeuppance’ theme. You know, where the hero is downed continually but then rises to the challenge and scuppers his arch-enemy. That is how I feel right now about climate change frauds. I am absolutely delighted when these fake scientists and their deceptive sciences are exposed. I have no sympathy whatever for fake scientists who are found out. All we need now is for governments to stop their fooling about, admit defeat, give us our freedom and money back, and stop energy companies from strangling us.

There is hope that more revelations are on the way, because every one is another nail in the coffin. For example, “The IPCC report is supposed to be the world’s most authoritative scientific account of the scale of global warming. But, this paper has discovered a series of new flaws.” (The Sunday Telegraph, 7th Feb). At last it seems the media are starting to see their folly, and are covering the truth! The Telegraph has said it is picking through the 2007 report bit by bit. I look forward to them destroying the whole basis for climate change deception. 

The newest flaws found by the Sunday Telegraph. These include:

  1. Inaccurate data on the power of waves to produce electricity – provided not by scientists but by a commercial wave-energy company!

  2. Claims based not on research but on newsletters and press releases.

  3. More examples of information based on students’ papers, two of which (so far) were unpublished… so far about 12 have been found.

  4. More claims based on articles written by environmental pressure groups.

  5. On Friday, the IPCC claimed much of the Netherlands was underwater because it failed to check with the Dutch government. This was proved to be a lie, and the data was inconsequential. Lies upon lies upon lies, even when the IPCC is already snowed under by damning evidence! Perhaps Pachauri is too busy getting hot under the collar writing his latest porn novel!

And those are just the tip of the melting iceberg!

As usual climateers insist that any ‘flaws’ (I call them lies) do not impact on the general conclusions of climate change. How much more proofs are needed before they admit defeat? It is now getting to be quite embarrassing, watching climateers squirm and issue their blatantly fraudulent excuses.

The IPCC is trying to deflect blame by blaming its contributors for not verifying sources, etc. Yet, the IPCC claimed to check it themselves. Now it is inconvenient, they try to absolve themselves of blame. They are lying. The lies, deceptions and frauds are so many, it is now impossible for the IPCC to hide behind any excuse whatever.

Climateers Scratch Each Others Backs

Yet another revelation by The Telegraph (7th Feb) is that another research institute run by Dr Pachauri (who is also head of the IPCC), the Energy and Resources Institute, hands out awards to its biggest financial funders! Dr Pachauri and his wife are on the awards panel. Oh, happy day! What a jolly family of back-scratchers they are. To say that Pachauri’s life is crammed full with a conflict of interests is an under-statement!

The biggest single sponsor turns out NOT to be a green forest venture or a windfarm company… but the oil company, BP, who also paid for a slap-up function to publicise Pachauri’s porn novel. A former employee of Pachauri’s said that all Pachauri talks about is getting more funding.

Many choose to call all the disclosures of bad science ‘errors’ and ‘flaws’. They are neither – they are deliberate fraud and flouting of true science. They are there to get funding and personal gains, by screwing our heads to a bench and sucking out our brains. That most people cannot afford to live does not matter to these imposters and frauds. Of course, some critics say we should ‘just report the facts’ and stop opinionating’. Hm. That’s okay for reporters, but not for journalists. Journalists take the facts, take them apart, and find the links no-one else talks about. That is exactly how the green fraud is being dismantled.

Just a short while ago the IPCC and governments pretended the climate change mountain was so tall no-one could deny its presence. So far, not only have intrepid journalists pulled down the mountain shovel-by-shovel, they are now digging below ground level to find what else is buried under the foundations. Yet, incredibly, climateers continue to claim the mountain still exists! There MUST come a time to bring the whole fiasco to a halt. But, sadly, climateers are too mean-spirited and too hungry for their own cash to admit defeat. So, we can expect more excuses for a while.

And the above, reader, is just what has come out over the weekend!

© February 2010

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