Climate Change
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Most people switch off when they hear the word 'science'.

Yet science is responsible for so many ills and gains in society, from medicines to the A bomb.

And WE are irresponsible for not checking out what science says.

One does not need to be a scientist or even highly intelligent... one only needs to be aware and sceptical!

This particular science fraud is about 'global warming', which is being used to scam every one of us out of hard earned incomes through heavier taxation. This brief report shows how judges have been duped by the environmentalists (Political Outcast, 30 June 2014). The result will be massively increased costs of energy when we have ample fossil fuels under the ground. The dangers of CO2 are farcical – CO2 is NOT a poison but an essential for life itself! But Fascists and Marxists (both socialists) are using green pseudo-science to rip us off with high taxes, state interventions that overpower us, removing our freedom of choice and speech. Behind it all is hatred for God, perversions, raw power grabs, and loathing of mankind, driven by paganism. Yes, it is all 'big stuff'... but if you ignore it because of this, and because you have to think more deeply, you will never notice how many satanic movements are converging into one big World Rule. Become aware or be totally shocked when the end times rise up and smack you in the face!