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Cartoon image of crocodile with tearsSince just before Copenhagen, the climate fiasco has gone bananas. As any observer would predict, the sycophants and followers were bound to stick to their guns and say everything was okay. But, fraud after fraud has come to light, and more are going to follow, as investigators pick over every contribution to the IPCC 2007 Report.

Phil Jones’ Crocodile Tears

So, Phil Jones now plays the sympathy card, by saying he was thinking of suicide. He said he knows nothing of PR and the politics of his science. (timesonline, 7th Feb). Professors I have known are the most formidable of political animals, the savviest spin-doctors in the working world!

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Dr Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, currently serving as the chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since 2002. Rajendra Pachauri is seen here speaking at the Bright Green Expo at Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark Photo taken on: December 12th, 2009. © Simonwedeg... |

Dr Rajendra PachauriNo ifs and buts – India has formed its own climate body, because the Indian government says it “cannot rely” on the IPCC. (The Telegraph, 4th Feb., 2010). Though the head of the IPCC, Pachauri, has previously had a hand-in-glove relationship with India, his escapades have been a source of deep embarrassment to India, particularly as he has just published a porn novel!

One of the latest problems was the claim in the 2007 IPCC Report that Himalayan glaciers were about to melt into everyone’s living room within the next few years… a non-peer reviewed non-researched topic, taken from a telephone conversation and an Indian magazine.

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Majestic Himalayan range in the Annapurna region. Nepal. Photo taken on: April 23rd, 2009Right now the IPCC is like El Cid, whose dead body was propped up on a horse’s saddle, so that his enemies thought he was still alive! I invite all who still cling to the IPCC, to check their handhold, because the IPCC will start to break up under their grasp, soon! (Actually, that’s just a faint hope – the IPCC will carry on regardless. That’s what frauds do).

We already know about the Himalayan glaciers fiasco… a deliberate lie of the IPCC to make things seems worse than they are. We also have another similar fiasco – snow melting on top of mountains. It turns out the IPCC based that ‘expert’ peer-reviewed report on a student essay and observations made by climbers. (Sunday Telegraph, 31st Jan)

The IPCC must be a glutton for punishment, because the mountain-top snows report was issued by them just a short while ago! Of course, the supposed melting of the snows was ‘caused’ by global warming, CO2, blah blah, etc. Now we discover that climbers gave anecdotal comments to a popular climbing magazine, and the article was used as ‘evidence’ by the IPCC. The other source was a student who interviewed mountain guides. So, there you have it: the IPCC makes stupendous claims that affect the world, based on people climbing a few mountains. Quite scientific… how did the IPCC ‘peer-review’ a popular magazine article and a student essay?

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