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Did a giant asteroid kill off the dinosaurs; Are there aliens and UFOS? (Transcript)

The evidence is this:

  1. Dinosaurs existed alongside Man. They HAD to, because everything was created in the same six days!
  2. The Flood destroyed not just all mankind except for Noah's family, but also destroyed all animals' except for those on Ark. which would have included dinosaurs. This is why most died out at the same time.
  3. It is my logical view that Noah only took on board baby animals that could exist without their parents. That is how dinosaurs were able to fit the Ark.
  4. Dinosaurs were very big, but food was scarce after the Flood. Therefore the bigger animals died out first. They were also good for meat, so the descendants of Noah hunted many of them to extinction.
  5. However, some survived into the days of the patriarchs, and the text implies this.
  6. Extinction of species occurs for many reasons - disease, hunting, natural death, etc.
  7. The animals we see today have always been like that. They did not evolve and there is no proof they did.
  8. There is no proof at all for the 'evolution' of man. The men we see today have always looked like that. (races are a different matter and are not the result of evolution, but of mutation within species).
  9. The constructs we see in museums are from imagination, not from fact, except for a very small number of animals found with their fur or skin on. Even then, much is left to speculation.

The above views are based on genuine science and logical deduction. But, go along with evolution and you will believe their wrong perceptions. At any rate, remember that what they say is speculation, not fact. Right now on British TV there is a series that says an asteroid destroyed the dinosaurs. but there is no proof of such an incident! Bear in mind that these spectacular series are produced not based on science, but on the vivid imaginations of graphic designers who make the films!

This was admitted-to by scientists who put forward the Walking With Dinosaurs' series!

© 25 October 2011

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