Science and Environment
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As I wallpaper a room, I am listening to Premier Radio.

Mostly I can't really bother, because of its syrupy music fashioned on secular, charismatic lines. But, playing the part of a captive audience, I thought I would give it a chance, just for once. I allowed the 'music' to waft over me and then came an advertisement – for pro-Catholic teaching.

At the moment, I am listening to a deep talk between an evolutionist scientist and one who believes in design. It is called 'intelligent design' because not all scientists who believe in it are Christians or Creationists. Sadly, the programme will only confirm evolutionist-believers in their evolutionary thoughts!

We can allow that an unbeliever will talk about evolution... but when the 'design' scientist says things like the earth is, say, "ten million" years old, we are in trouble and the programme is no longer biblical.

On our website it is specific policy NOT to allow unbelievers to rule a discussion or even to put forward their unbelieving views. We WILL allow these things to be published if we also provide our answers from scripture, and call the 'other' material godless. We do this because unbelievers and atheists have the media all sewn up, refusing to even acknowledge the idea of God and never allow believers to pose genuine biblical queries or statements.

Therefore, we do the same in return, because we do not want believers being deceived by atheistic thought; at least not on our time. Our reasoning is that the secular publishing field already dominates, and already pushes a godless regime.

So, what is Premier doing! In essence, in an effort to be 'balanced' (the old chestnut), it provides unbelievers and faulty believers a platform from which to spout unbelief. So, don't be exhilarated by a scientist who says he is pro-'intelligent design'... because he may not agree with scripture.

No Christian radio programme should begin with the vague and untested hypotheses of evolution!

The programme is supposed to be about the origins of life, yet even the 'design' advocate talks in terms of chemicals and chance!

The origin of life is God. He made everything as it is today. There were no random chemical reactions to form soup! No chance and no millions of years. The debate should not be between two different but similar chemical reaction hypotheses. Indeed, there should be no debate!

If a producer is said to be Christian, then he must start with God, not with scientific hypotheses, many of which have already been debunked (the evolutionist, for example, referred to his evolutionary belief based on hydrothermal vents under the sea – but this idea has been debunked!).

The trouble is, many who listen right now will be untaught in science, or will already be evolutionary in mind, so the programme will merely serve to reinforce their errors. Christians must ALWAYS begin with God, not with men. And we ought not give a platform for atheistic scientists, unless we KNOW they will be robustly demolished by a Christian scientist. This is not about ignoring what others say – it is about declaring God's truth when using Christian media. Let atheist and Christian do their arguments away from the supposed Christian foundation.

I have said it before... many years ago I asked Dr Gish, then the leading Creationist scientist, to debate a Darwinian scientist. We would begin with a particular Darwinian question and let both argue-out their views until the point was exhausted. And so on, covering a number of evolutionary claims. The arguments would allow for each person to interject with their basic assumptions, as would happen in any conversation. Their words would then be published verbatim and published in a book.

Dr Gish was on board immediately. His opponent, also a doctorate in sciences, worked for the natural history museum, and was known for his evolutionary ideas. At first he agreed. But then came the excuses... and he finally backed out, after being warned by a more senior public evolutionist not to take part – because he would lose! So, the whole idea was scrapped.

Why, then, should I allow my own website to be dominated by evolutionists? I will not! They already rule schools, colleges and the media. So our task is to demolish what they say, often without an opportunity to respond – unless we can also provide our own response. See what I am getting at? The arguments of evolution are worthless and I know it. Premier Radio is flawed... do not take what it says without a pinch of salt. Much it says sounds okay, but, as with all error, Satan loves to insert it amidst a dose of truth.