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A number of states in the USA re now fighting to include creation in science classes. Of course, evolutionists are up in arms. Though they have not a shred of proof in support of evolution they deny Christians the right to expose the fact, and their fantasies. 

It is a very simply truth – there are no proofs that evolution exists. That is why they cite many ‘evidences’ for evolution, rather than solid facts. An evidence is only a piece of information that may, or may not, support a particular theory. If, by many tests, the evidences come up with the same results, then they can be called ‘proof’. But here’s the interesting thing – NOT ONE PROOF HAS BEEN GIVEN FOR EVOLUTION, because none of the evidences provide any kind of support.

No, I’m not being stupid or misinformed. It is a fact that the ‘evidences’ given for evolution are nothing more than weak attempts at manipulation of minds. There are no proofs whatever. None. Don’t bow-down to evolutionist scientists – they have nothing but bluff in their favour.

The missing link is not an animal, but the supposed mechanism by which anything can change from one species to another. It is missing because it does not exist! HOW can something change from one thing to another? No-one has yet invented such a mechanism… and it would have to be invented because a natural link does not exist.

There are changes within species, and each follows a definite path of alteration. But, nothing has ever changed from one species to another. This is because each species is ‘after its own kind’ and CANNOT become something else. Remember – there is NO PROOF that evolution exists.

Evolution is not a viable, testable scientific theory – it is a philosophical belief. Therefore, the arguments between evolutionism and creationism are not scientific, but philosophical. That means Christians have the right to contradict and argue against it, just as evolutionism can argue back. But, it won’t! It is too scared of open debate, because it knows it won’t win. That is why law is used to ban free-thinking in science. We see it, too, in climate change arguments, when anything not in accord with the establishment has been banned. This is because the establishment wants to exert total power over the people, using bad science, and politicians want our taxes.

But, behind it all is not politics or science or even philosophy: behind it is a satanic ploy to ruin society and Christian witness with lies and deception. If evolution can be foisted on everyone, it displaces belief in God. And that, friends, is what is truly behind evolutionary thinking and laws.

© June 2010

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