Science and Environment
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In the USA, the man they call 'The Science Guy', Bill Nye, is kicking up a rumpus, saying that Christians should not pass on their beliefs about Creation and opposition to evolution to their children. He calls this 'religious based'.

He has condemned 'casting doubts' on evolution, and the USA States that allow Creation to be taught alongside evolution. Nye insists that the earth is not about 6000 to 10,000 years old, and Christians should question their beliefs if they think it is. (Evolution News 27 August 2012) also see answersingenesis rebutal.

Previously, he, and many other atheists, even tried to ban criticism of evolution and other scientific theories. This shows the strength of their political correctness, not the strength of their beliefs, or the validity of their erroneous claims.

Nye has got it wrong. In a telephone interview for national TV, he said "If we raise a generation of students who don't believe in the process of science... you're not going to innovate." This is true.

BUT HIS STATEMENT IS ALSO FALSE because he confuses the process of science with evolution!!

For myself I have no problem with genuine science, and definitely not with the process of science. In a seminar held by myself and my co-founder, James

Waddell, we outlined the scientific process, pointing out that evolution fails to follow it in all aspects. Unknown to us, in the audience were several working scientists from Exeter university. They later came and congratulated us for explaining the scientific process very accurately, and for showing the falsity of evolution.

THIS IS THE POINT"! Evolution does NOT follow the 'process of science' that Nye says we should all adhere to!! Yet, people like him are so blinded by their own beliefs (evolution is a belief system, not science), that they love to not just show us illusory slivers in our own eyes, but they also love to poke our eyes out at the same time!

Like homosexuals, they resort to law and scorn, because they have nothing of worth to say.

They certainly do not have science on their side!

Christians ought to understand that what is called the 'scientific process' is another term for being honest! It is applying a rigour and structure to thinking and especially to testing and conclusions.

All subjects should be approached in this way, not just the physical sciences.

(Did you know that theology is called the 'Queen of Sciences'?).

Sadly, the majority of Christians BELIEVE they can think logically and properly, but very few do. They fail miserably to understand the methodology of thought, and so they fly-off at a tangent claiming that their thinking is fine and equal to that of very careful exegetes.

Really, 'evolution science' is a contradiction in terms. How can evolution – a belief system that has never, ever provided a single proof for its validity – possibly also be 'science' at the same time?

And, how can any evolutionist possibly oppose Christians on grounds of the 'scientific process', when evolution itself does not follow its rigours, but relies on myth and empty arguments?

Physician – heal thyself!

As a Christian thinker I refute evolution for very good reasons. It is not about having 'blind faith' in a book.

I believe the Bible because thus far it has proved itself to be true many times over. I disbelieve evolution  because, I KNOW the scientific process, and KNOW that evolution has no connection to it. I KNOW that evolution is just a pack of nonsense, invented to pummel Creation and God and NOT for any true scientific cause.

If the Bible did not prove its validity time and again I would certainly not follow it as Nye suggests! I follow it 100% because it is TRUE. It says God created everything in six literal days, and if we examine its history (yes, it is history), we end up with a total life span for the earth of six to ten thousand years. Simple as that. Thus far, NO science has proved its case for a longer period. Yes, scientists CLAIM a long period, but none have PROVED it, using the very same scientific process they insist Christians must adhere to!

So, the most any evolutionist can say is that they BELIEVE in a long age and that everything came about by evolution. But, they can't prove it. Not in one single aspect! What, then, makes their claim superior to ours? Nothing.