Science and Environment
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More and more people who claim to be Christians do not believe in a literal six-day Creation. That is, each day as 24 hours, and six days as six literal 24-hour days.  The biggest reason (though almost all reasons might converge in the one person) is the fear of Man and unbelieving scientists. The second is a desire to appear to be 'scientific' and 'intellectual'.  Another is an intellectual inability to reason properly. Another is ignorance of God's word. Yet another is a deliberate silence in order to placate unbelievers and avoid confrontation. Another is arrogance, because one prefers his own stupidity to God's certainty.

Another is far more obvious – lack of salvation... How many of those who say they are Christians but who refuse to accept the Biblical account of a literal six-day creation as true, are actually saved? I suggest very few. Belief in a literal six-day Creation is a litmus test for all who claim to belong to Christ. Disbelief in literal six-day Creation is proof of unbelief in just about every major doctrinal teaching in scripture! (Because a literal six-day Creation underpins scriptural doctrine). And it will explain why they are so ready to pounce on any Christian who does believe!

So, how can a disbeliever in literal six-day Creation possibly be a genuine believer? 'Theistic evolutionist', are You really a Christian? The question must be asked of those who say they are Christians... if you believe in evolution, can you tell me why? There are no proofs whatever for the legitimacy of evolution. Not a single one! The 'missing link' is missing precisely because it does not exist! And the very point at which proof can devastate biblical teaching – the mechanism of change – is missing, too. 

So, why believe evolution? Richard Dawkins recently admitted that he made a young girl cry by his aggression concerning her non-belief in evolution, calling her a 'little fool'. But, evolution is less than an hypothesis! It has nothing to offer credibility – only millions of words consisting of guff and myth. He says that universities are there to offer students new ways of thinking. He implies they exist to expand the mind. In reality they do nothing of the sort – not today, anyway. You toe the line, or get out! Rather, they continue the brainwashing begun in schools. University life is started with the dogmatic assertion that evolution is 'true', though it has no supporting proofs. Almost all courses progress on the basis of this 'truth' of evolution. It is unthinkable for students to question this. If they did, their degrees would be lost or they'd be ridiculed. Now that is modern university life.

Any university that fears an open investigation of evolution is dictatorial and certainly not worthy to be called a university. And no argument is won simply by declaring students 'little fools' for not accepting the given knowledge of the age. The biggest scientific breakthroughs in the world have come about not by belief in evolution, but by open research relying only on results and rigorous retesting.

Believe in evolution or not – it does not advance science one iota... so why use it as a basis? All evolution does is to fog the mind with pseudo-science, perpetuating the myth that is Darwinism.

It is up to evolutionists to prove their case. Thus far, they have not. But, let us be fair – they've only had about 150 years to fiddle about with fake information and to come up with definitive proof! And they've only had those years to brainwash countless students (and teachers) with fakery. Maybe they need more time? Or, do I mean 'proof'?