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In addition to recent articles opposing homosexuality and Tesco's sponsorship of World Pride 2012, the following is my advice notes when opposing Tesco etc.

It is also useful for contacting MPs etc.

The issue concerns EVERY person in the world, and NOT just Christians.

This is why EVERYONE should get involved. If it is only Christian-centred, then any opposition is likely to be quashed or ignored.

So - broaden the opposition with the facts!!

31 Facts about Homosexuality

1. ALL cases of AIDS were CAUSED by male homosexuals (re all health facts taken from the 1980s).

2. Gays in government, and gay activists made sure no-one knew the truth of this, and so Government put out a general warning, blaming ALL sex for AIDS. The gay activists wrote the lies, and government published it obediently. One minister admitted that there would be a "huge public backlash if the public found out". He was later silenced and we heard no more of the truth.

3. At the time I warned that this lie would mean the death of many more millions. And that prediction came about, and continues to wreak havoc throughout the world.

4. Wherever gays are given legal freedom in countries that once resisted them, AIDS and HIV have spiralled upwards, leading to many deaths and social ruin.

5. Gay activists use intimidation and violence to forward their cause in these countries, because the known facts reject supporting their lifestyle. Why should ANY country or business support a death-cult/ it makes no sense at all.

6. Homosexuality was used by socialism everywhere to break-down the family unit and social cohesion. Russia used this big-time after the revolution. But, after several decades of this stupidity and rapidly falling birth rates, Russia revoked its pro-gay laws. They admitted that children born into such a sterile and useless atmosphere were 'like animals'.

Interestingly, a recent survey in the UK elicited the same words from adults - "children are acting like animals". This is a direct result of sexualisation of children by homosexuals.

7. This socialist disruption and destruction of the family and society is a well-known strategy of Marxism, etc. It attacks not just Christian values and teachings, but society as a whole. because a society that cannot settle as decent and compassionate will rely on government for its fixes. So - want a socialist society? Then first sexualise everyone and destroy families.

8. Homosexual couples with children push their sexual agenda and so it is not surprising that the children turn to homosexuality or are susceptible to it, and sympathetic towards it. This is why homosexuals are in our schools. It also provides homosexuals with young fodder. It is admitted that adults want children for fodder because at first they are free of HIV.

9. The sexual activities of homosexuals are extreme and many of their acts can only be described as filthy. An example is eating the faeces of a partner during or after anal sex. Or, putting small animals up the rectum.

10. Many homosexuals are damaged irreversibly and end up in a wheelchair, and with stoma bags, because of objects thrust up their rectums and into their bowels, rupturing the very fragile inner skin. Anal sex is responsible for most AIDS cases.

11. In the USA (Fairfax), there is an annual homosexual 'fair' in which homosexual men and women walk around nude, and indulge in sex on the street openly. Many acts are abominable and all are pornographic. Yet, none of it is brought to justice by police.

All 'Gay Pride 'celebrations' in our streets are sexual and pornographic, with foul language and sexual shouts. This is why we must protest when Chief Constables march in these Pride activities. it proves a definite prejudice FOR gays and AGAINST decent folks.

12. According to world figures, gays are responsible for OVER 50% of all HIV and AIDS.

13. Though many people, and even doctors, think AIDS is passed on via only a few activities, this is untrue. It is more correct to say that we are NOT SURE if HIV is passed on via things like tears, sweat, kissing, and so on. It is also untrue that using condoms guards against HIV. They don't! This is because the molecules that make latex are bigger than the molecules of the virus.

14. It is NOT KNOWN how many cases come via use of public swimming baths in certain circumstances, eg low chlorination, open cuts, etc.

15. If everyone is so safe mouth-to-mouth, etc., WHY do paramedics etc., use mouth guards and gloves when dealing with accidents?

16. There are MANY forms of HIV virus, but the public only think there is one. There is even a form passed on by cats. Thus far, the most-known form is the one that is treated and which is being researched. The others are ignored. Thus, there may still be many ways to contract HIV. Most homosexuals also contract exotic cancers normally not found in the decent population, because of their awful sexual practices.

17. The majority of gay men wants sex with children, and so many are also paedophiles. You will note that when acts of paedophilia are reported by the media NOT ONE nowadays tells us if the perpetrator is homosexual. This is deliberate.

18. Apart from these, and many other sexual abominations and conditions, homosexuality is anarchic, demanding full sexual freedom. This includes  Paedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia. you name it and it is part of the homosexual scene. There are even unimaginable acts that most people have no idea about.

19. Homosexuality is also atheistic, and this is why it wants to be rid of Christians, who have a fixed moral stance (one that does not end up in disease, child abuse and violence). It is totalitarian, demanding that everyone submits to their whims and desires. Those who do not agree will be castigated legally and socially unless they shut up. This is fascism in action.

20. The idea of 'equality' is not homosexuality's aim. It wants supremacy - and this is what its leaders claim. The only reason it worked hard for 'equality' was so that it could gain legal backing. Now it has that backing it is driving forward until it gains supremacy. It already exhibits this desire in everyday actions and words. It is why it silences all opposition by force of law.

21. By introducing homosexuality to children in school, numbers of youth who will try out gay sex are increasing. It has become 'cool' and 'exciting', but leads to suicides and AIDS. Youth who kill themselves do so NOT because of bullying but because they KNOW they are doing something very wrong. They cannot reconcile their abnormal acts with their consciences, so commit suicide. They are aided in this by adult gays who refuse to let them turn away from their actions and thoughts. It is homosexuals and not the public who cause all this.

Similarly, females - lesbians - admit that when in their sexual fantasy land, fellow lesbians refuse to let them get back out again, and harass and attack them if they wish to become normal again.

22. Homosexuality has ALWAYS been immoral and is a sign of mental imbalance. It is not a mentally stable condition.

23. Homosexuality has always been UNNATURAL, because it abuses and misuses parts designed for man-woman sexuality only.

24. Homosexuality abuses the physiology and anatomy of mankind. This is so obvious as to be almost laughable!

25. The cost in money to any country that supports homosexuality is huge, via treatments, disability payments and so on.

26. When AIDS was first discovered blood transfusions using gay blood resulted in many deaths. So gay blood was banned. Today, fools in government are going to use gay blood again. They claim that modern tests are better. This is another untruth, for it often happens that HIV cannot be detected if it has been contracted recently, e.g. within the past two or three months. But, if a man says they have not had sex within the past year, we are supposed to believe them! And a woman innocently says she is okay, but has recently contracted HIV from her errant husband or boyfriend! And so AIDS obtains more victims. The two-three month period is vital.. and no test can fully discount contamination.

27. Rampant gays call getting HIV, 'The Gift'. Many gays want to spread this 'gift' to the general population. Why? So that everyone will be like them. The result would be a worldwide population dying on its feet. If this is not disgusting, then what is?

28. Homosexual partnerships are the most violent according to police statistics. Most 'civil unions' only last a short two years - so why support them?

29. Homosexuals are sadistic. This is why the early Nazi movement was filled with homosexuals. It was why concentration camp guards were mainly gays. It was said that gays were well suited to the job because they were so violent and sadistic. and they were this way because that is what the gay mindset is like. This was said by an homosexual leader!

30. With any epidemic doctors search tirelessly for the cause, which is then eradicated. BUT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN WITH AIDS. AIDS is not just an epidemic - it is a worldwide PANDEMIC - far worse. Yet, medics and governments refuse to identify the cause - homosexuality! They KNOW the cause but refuse to speak of it. This is destroying places like Africa, but no-one has the moral sense to say so. Thus the disease is out of control. Finding a medication to ease or stop its rigours is not a good thing, because people will then carry on regardless. So homosexuality costs each one of us large amounts in taxation. That is, 99% of the population pays for 1% of the population's errors.

It can be stopped in its tracks immediately, by insisting on no sex outside of man-woman marriage.

31. Homosexuals use law to silence voices of protest. They stop the media discussing the demerits of homosexuality and attack those with morals.  Thus, it is, again, fascism.


The above facts (which are only a few) are sufficient to brand any shop, business or government, frauds and deliberate destroyers, if they support homosexuality for any reason.

And the above facts do not even talk about Christian values or biblical truth! It is my contention that homosexuality can be stopped in its tracks if the public are aware of what homosexuality is really about. We do not have to talk in biblical terms (though we must) use the above facts so that you cannot be 'accused' of using 'old morality'!

© 4 November 2011

Published on

Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
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