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Update 3 November 2011: Tesco's response "... our position on this matter remains unchanged."

I have had a response a response from a Customer Services Executive at Tesco (Ref: 12267307) regarding my email of complaint (29 October 2011) concerning their sponsorship of the London Gay World Pride 2012 event and providing a 'family friendly' tent for children to be supervised during the event.

As there was a confidentially statement at the bottom of the email from Tesco I will not publish their response, unless permission is granted, but the main message of my reply is given below.

Firstly I pointed out that their letter was politically correct nonsense.

I then questioned again, what has Tesco supporting Gay/London/World Pride 2012 got to do with the shopping or working experience at Tesco, when 98.5% of their customers are heterosexual.

I reminded them that this sponsorship specifically focuses on only a tiny segment of their customer base and is in fact discriminatory to the remaining majority of their customers who do not hold and reject GLBTQ values.

I pointed out that Tesco has aligned itself with GLBTQ lobbying groups that are set, with a determination not seen since the Nazi's rose to power in the 1930's, to:

  • Silence any criticism of their behaviour, even if it is based on peer reviewed research and facts;
  • Revise through legislation the definition of marriage, family, parent, father and mother;
  • Promote homosexual practices to children in schools and encourage children to experiment with such practices;
  • Crush through changing legislation the rights of Christians to manifest their religion by forcing them to accept and promote GLBTQ values in their business, social life, childcare, and even in religious services with same sex marriage;
  • 'Gift' the general population with STD's by the revoking of the exclusion of GLBTQs from being able to donate blood to the blood transfusion service in the UK.

I stated that their letter had confirmed to me that Tesco have completely sold out to GLBTQ lobby groups, are anti-family and want to align their brand with buggery, HIV, AIDS and, of course paedophilia and incest, which are next on the GLBTQ agenda.

I also failed to see how Tesco's sponsorship of London Gay Pride 2012 met the needs of their customers and employees, when GLBTQ lobby groups are fascist, oppressive and persecute the majority of their customer base.

I concluded that Tesco is not promoting its brand; it is advancing propaganda.

© 2 November 2011

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