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I just finished watching a programme on BBC Three. It reported on a group called 'Britain First'. (BBC for 30 days, 6 October 2015)

Supposedly a political group on the far right, and supposedly wanting to combat Islam in the UK, I found their views and actions disturbing. They use large white crosses but use foul language and even veiled violence.

Here at BTM we sincerely hope we do not come across to genuine Christians as racist or hateful towards Muslims. What we do is report and comment on actual Islamic terrorism and violence.

We acknowledge that at this moment in the UK 'moderate' Muslims far outnumber extremists.

But, as we Have noted many times, moderates tend to be harassed and bullied by those with terror in mind. It is a fact throughout the world.

Anything we write about concerning Islam is always measured and rooted in actual fact, whereas groups such as 'Britain First', from what I heard, cannot string together concepts in a logical way or use information in an accurate, factual way. At BTM we wish only to warn readers that Islam, based on the Koran, teaches violence towards, and death of, Christians and Jews. However, moderates mainly do not espouse such evil and we thank God for that.

As we have already reported, time and again, Muslims used to live side by side with Christians for centuries... but terrorists whip up hatred – so-called Palestine is a good example... and moderates are too afraid to defy them. In Syria, moderates are put to death alongside Christians, and some ISIS fighters who are not extreme and brutal enough, are also killed!! So moderates will obey their extremist masters. Even so, some moderates protect their Christian or Jewish neighbours, to their credit, in spite of bringing intimidation to themselves.

What concerns us in the West is that politicians do not seem to care about all this, and the radicalisation of moderates. They don't understand the significance of building mosques and the vast sums sent by Saudi Arabia to do so. They don't understand the meaning of Sharia law or its impact on society as a whole, nor do they understand that sharia means no freedom, onlystrict obedience to the will of Allah (AKA - that is, the will of extremists). We see the violence of growing Islamic areas in many EU countries, no-go Islamic sections of towns, and the appalling behaviour of Islamic bullies. We see on the news (though many in the media now do not publish the stories) how Islam is demanding its own way, ignoring law and views of others.

We see the sheer hatred on the faces of Muslims in their rallies as they chant death to the West and death to Jews and Christians. But no police action is taken... whereas ordinary Christian street preachers are instantly arrested just for preaching from scripture, though they speak in peace!

I could say so much more, but suffice to say that while we cannot and would never follow groups such as 'Britain First', we predict that such groups will become more plentiful as real Islam bares its fangs even more openly, even if the media and governments try to hide the fact. It is bound to happen as westerners are pushed to their limit by Islamic thugs. Then, thugs of one kind will create thugs of another kind! Though insignificant right now, far right groups that want Islam out of the UK will not just find a voice, but also a way to combat Islam physically... and then the silence shown by law, state and people, will be torn to shreds. It is not my way, but I see it happening soon in the EU, because when the fears of people are ignored they feel pushed into a corner and come out fighting.

If Muslims live in the West, let them do so peacefully. If they know terrorists, then let them stand apart from them. In other words, let moderates show themselves to be separate. Let them stop demanding that Christians and others must do what they say according to their Koran. Only then can people begin to trust them to a degree. Am I thereby speaking in inflammatory terms?

No, I am not – I am asking Muslims to live in peace! Am I speaking in racist terms? No – Islam is not about race, but religion.

One thing must be said – I will not give Islam respect, though I will respect Muslims as people. That is, peaceful Muslims. I will not respect Islamic killers. I cannot give ANY false religion respect, because to do so would be to blaspheme the Lord, the ONLY Lord, by paying respect to what is a satanic movement. Scripture does not permit me to show respect to idols and false teachers of ANY godless religion. As for Islam, people must learn what it teaches and what it means for the people of the West. We must continue to respect moderate Muslims as people, but will also remember what is happening all around the world to Christians and people of other false religions, including moderate Islam, as Islamic terrorists gain ground.

I hope this statement goes some way to explain our position.